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Responsible Travel

Egypt Fun Tours is committed to making your trip truly remarkable and wonderful, ensuring that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. The following are some of the important provisions that we consider to be our travel responsibilities.

Accountability in Business

  • All of our sightseeing excursions are tailored and led by local guides, and we rely on local drivers and employees to handle and confirm all of the tour arrangements.
  • All of the eateries and hotels used on the excursions are owned and operated by locals.
  • The majority of our employees are well-trained, and we encourage them to continue their education by enrolling them in language, emotional intelligence, leadership, and tourism courses.
  • All of our visitors are urged to buy handcrafted goods from local manufacturers, such as ancient pharaonic gold and silver souvenirs, papyrus, perfumes, and carpets. The trips include a visit to various local marketplaces in Cairo’s Khan El Khalili Bazaar and a number of souks in Luxor and Aswan.

Environmental ethics

  • All tourist attractions must be left in the same condition as when we arrived.
  • All tour guides and operators are not permitted to smoke while on the job.
  • We promote the environment, and in Marsa Alam, Dahab, and the Bahariya Oasis, we always work with environmentally friendly hotels and resorts. All of our modern, air-conditioned vehicles are equipped with garbage cans and environmentally friendly exhaust systems.
  • Our diving and tour instructors stress the importance of preserving Egypt’s coral reef and are aware of the harm that touching and removing coral does to the red sea environment.
  • All of the department heads meet once a week to verify that all operations have a minimal environmental impact. We encourage all of our drivers to limit noise pollution by requiring them to use their car horns as little as possible, as well as encouraging our employees to clean up rubbish at tourist attractions.
  • Egypt Fun Tours welcomes any client comments on how to improve our services in terms of environmental impact and influence.

Taking on social responsibilities

  • Egypt Fun Tours will provide guests with detailed information about the traditions, customs, and appropriate attire for each place prior to their arrival.
  • Egypt Fun Tours has a lot of experience arranging tours for handicapped visitors and making sure they have an access to all they need.
  • Egypt Fun Tours recruits from both local and international communities, where they are trained in all aspects of tourism and customer service.
  • We give to a number of charity foundations on a regular basis.
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