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Quality Control Measures and Reasonable Prices for Egypt Fun Tours

Thank you for thinking about Egypt Fun Tours for your Egypt vacation package, which we much appreciate. It’s nice to shop about and compare prices, but what we have to offer is of the greatest quality when compared to what others have to offer.

  • Some other companies price less because there are likely many hidden fees, will spend a lot of your time and tour to swindle you, and this will be a secret portion of their trip with many hidden costs – we don’t do that. Egypt Fun Tour guides will only take you to local quality businesses if you specifically request it.
  • Cheaper businesses have unreliable automobiles that are frequently old models, filthy, and occasionally dangerous, with unqualified drivers, a car without seatbelts, and no insurance – which we do not have. Our vehicles are all under the age of two years old, insured, and equipped with air conditioning and seatbelts. We teach Egypt Fun Tours drivers, who are uniformed and taught to be highly professional; they are not permitted to take risks or exceed the speed limit, and they must adhere to the company’s policies.
  • Cheaper tour firms offer lower prices because they employ taxi drivers as tour guides, many of whom are notorious for providing inaccurate information, skipping sights, and being inattentive. Our Egyptologists and Egypt Fun Tour Guides are highly qualified; they have all graduated from universities where they studied Egyptology and Tourism, and they will be quite professional, speaking good English or whatever language you want. They will guarantee that you are not deceived at any location you visit and that you are comfortable at all times.
  • Unlike cheaper Packages, we do not add extra charges along the road. All Entrance fees of the sites are included in most of our packages.
  • The amount we charge you is quite similar to the cost price that we all have to pay – there is no significant margin. If they give you a lower price, it’s because they’re cutting corners and ensuring you don’t receive the greatest bargain possible. They’ll also make sure you pay more than they said in the end since they have to earn money – something we don’t do.
  • Egypt Fun Tours advises against trying to obtain the best price on your trip in Egypt since you will wind up paying more in the end and will almost certainly be dissatisfied with a cheaper provider.
  • You’re not just buying a tour with Egypt Fun Tours; you’re planning a trip of a lifetime, and we’ll make sure you get it.

We look forward to answering any further questions you may have and arranging your vacation as soon as possible.
We wish you a wonderful time in Egypt, whether you choose to utilize our services or not.

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