July 17, 2024 11:15 pm

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How to Make a Reservation for an Egypt Fun Tour?

It’s not an easy decision to give your money to a travel agency, especially online, so we wanted to explain how we handle the booking process and how simple it is to reserve a tour with Egypt Fun Tours. Please check and share any questions or inquiries you may have because we will address all of the key topics that may have come to your mind through our thorough information.

Pick the Tour Itinerary that Appealed to You the Most.

Spending some time on our website to choose the best tour for you is an essential part of having such an amazing experience because it is crucial to choose what you think will lead to a memorable adventure in Egypt. After receiving your inquiry, we will also make every effort to provide you with the best recommendations we can, based on our experience, to ensure that you don’t miss any of the noteworthy sights, events, or excursions in this huge land of civilisation.

Establish Your Budget

Excursions in Egypt range in price, particularly if you have certain requirements or wish to design your own itinerary. It is fully up to you to choose which category you want to stay in and whether or not you want to upgrade on hotels and Nile River cruises in Egypt. Accommodations range from 3* to 5* high luxury. As a travel agency, we will check the availability of the options you have chosen to pursue and make every effort to deliver anything you desire. Please be aware that we always recommend 5* and 5* High Luxury accommodations since these are the most luxurious and practical options available. Our booking form contains a variety of tour categories; by choosing the one that best suits your needs, we can verify their prices and proceed with processing your reservations.

Define the Number of Travelers and the Tour Date.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know the exact number of travellers from the beginning, whether there are children or not, and the date of birth of each child, so that we can calculate the costs and give you the most reasonable tour price. This will help you have a truly successful and unforgettable experience in your second country. One of the key components utilised to determine pricing for the tour is the date that is required. By confirming the exact day of the tour, we can evaluate the costs for you on that particular day and start your wonderful adventure. Varied seasons in Egypt have different pricing.

Please inform us of all of your inquiries.

One of the most important things for our operations department to do is to comprehend each traveler’s needs and expectations and be able to apply them all during the booking phases. We may use the example of asking if you are a morning person to show how even the smallest things mean a lot to us. Do you consume vegetarian meals? Are there any places or attractions in particular that you want to see or stay away from when visiting Egypt? Are you allergic to any particular foods? And so forth. Based on the details you tell us, we will work on each of them to ensure that you have a lovely trip to Egypt.

Get Tour Confirmation From Us.

You must confirm your trip with us so that we can start our own booking procedures and have everything ready for you. This is necessary once we have agreed on the final form of your itinerary and you have informed us of your preferences for your specific experience. You can accomplish this by sending us “The Deposit,” a set sum of money that is computed based on the price of your tour and is normally 25% of the total price. The remainder of the tour should be paid after your arrival in Egypt, and you can do so either in cash or through your Credit / Debit card with an additional 3 percent bank fee. The deposit can easily be sent online through a secure payment link, and once we receive it, it will be our responsibility to book and arrange everything mentioned on the agreed-upon itinerary exactly as you desired.

We absolutely concur that prior to your arrival, you should be aware of all aspects of your booking arrangements, including what has been confirmed and what has not, the hotels that have been reserved specifically for you, and the itinerary of your domestic flights. The names of the hotels and Nile Cruises we have reserved for you, as well as the contact information for your tour guides, are all updated to you so that you can check them online and let us know if there is anything you would like to change. This is done once your reservations are confirmed at least a week before the date of your arrival. Additionally, we give you advance notice of your transfers, domestic flights, the places you’ll visit, and the exact amount of your trip price that you must pay to your tour guide, free of any taxes or other fees. Please be aware that any revisions that are required can result in extra costs; we will alert you to this before making any changes.

Maintain Contact With Us.

Prior to your arrival, it is imperative that you stay in touch with us directly and let us know if there are any changes you would like to make to your tour. It is crucial that you let us know if your arrival date or time changes, for instance, so that we can adjust the dates of all of your excursions and transfers. Please allow us to contact you so that we can contact you if we need further information from you before your arrival. This will help us arrange everything with your knowledge. Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you need anything while on vacation in Egypt, and our operation and customer service teams will be happy to offer you the best assistance at any time.