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Drinks are never included in the price of a trip; this is due to the fact that we never know what sort of drinks you enjoy or will order; even water is not included. Because the price of mineral water varies from place to place, it’s difficult for us to decide on a drink price to include in the cost of a trip.

Prices of some drinks are averaged as below;

mineral water5 L.E10 TO 20 L.E
tea or coffee10 L.E20 TO 50 L.E
soft drinks10 L.E20 TO 50L.E
fresh juice15 L.E25 TO 60 L.E
hibiscus10 L.E20 TO 50 L.E

Alcohol is allowed and available in designated stores in all major cities, as well as in all tourist accommodations, hotels, Nile cruises, and certain restaurants and cafés.