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Egypt Tours – a Lucky Strike Exceptional circumstances

Egypt Fun Tours is well-equipped to handle any sort of trip, so if you’re visiting Egypt for a specific purpose or to accomplish a certain goal, Egypt Fun Tours should be your first pick. You wouldn’t believe it if we told you that we occasionally assist tourists in marrying Egyptian ladies and occasionally assist other visitors in starting companies in Egypt. Our team has been thoroughly trained to assist you with anything Egypt-related.

Egypt Photography Tours:

Have you ever had trouble getting the photographs you wanted on a guided group tour? Egypt fun tours provide photography packages that give photographers the time, rights, and facilities they need to create beautiful photographs in the correct spot at the appropriate time of day.

Desert Safari Tours:

Desert Safari trips may be taken in Egypt’s two most appealing areas: the Western Egyptian Desert, with its lovely Oasis rich of temples and tombs from the late period of ancient Egyptian history, and Sinai, with its colorful mountains, where you will meet with Bedouins and gain a fresh perspective on life.
The Red Sea Diving:
Egypt Fun Tours is happy to provide its own diving crew, which is fully equipped with all types of facilities and experience for your comfort and enjoyment. We look forward to seeing you in Egypt and exploring the Red Sea’s beauties together, from the far south to the deepest northern point. All of this is available to novices as well.

Egypt Incentive Tours:

Your workers will be different when they return!
Egypt Fun Tours is a pioneer in this sector, beginning with a thorough grasp of what an incentive project entails and ending with a high level of satisfaction for you and your future business goals. Corporate experiences that inspire, motivate and invigorate corporate teams are designed by our highly skilled staff.
Each corporate travel package, from business meetings to adventure itineraries, is custom-designed to match your company’s business objectives and travel requirements.

Egypt Medical tours

Cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, kidney dialysis, open heart surgery, pediatric heart surgery, bone marrow transplants, hip and knee replacement, organ transplantation, and dental treatments are just a few of the major health issues that draw patients from developed countries to Egypt for the low package prices.
Patients benefit from the best levels of medical care in Egypt, as well as our affordable medical travel costs. Our personal medical agent, who is proficient in the patient’s mother language, is with them throughout their medical treatment abroad procedure, making them feel “at home” and never “alone”.

Local Egypt Tours

Feel Egyptian with Egypt Fun Tours.
We insert genuine Egyptian sites for you to view when traveling Egypt; now you may tour both touristic and non-touristy areas; we’ll allow you to sample both touristic Egyptian food in tourist restaurants and real Egyptian food prepared by real Egyptian grandmothers in real Egyptian homes in both the city and the countryside.
Enjoy a stroll through authentic Egyptian marketplaces, which include a textile market, cotton fabric market, Camels market, gold and silver market, copper market, fruits market, and Egyptian veggies market. Interact with Egyptians on the street and observe skilled artisans working with handcrafted gold, silver, copper, clay, iron, leather, and a variety of other materials.

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