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King Chephren

Who is King Chephren?

Who is King Chephren

King Chephren, A.K.A. King Khafre, was one of the most prominent rulers of the 4th dynasty in Egyptian history. He is the son of the Great Pyramid of Giza’s architect, King Khufu. During the ancient kingdom, he governed Egypt from 2558 B.C. until 2532 B.C. (2686-2150 BC). His name means “The Appearance of Ra,” and he had numerous wives, the primary one being Queen Mereceankh, as well as 12 sons and three daughters. He wanted to carry on his father’s legacy, so he built the second biggest Pyramid in the Giza Complex. He also built the magnificent Valley temple and the renowned Sphinx.

Chephren’s Pyramid

King Chephren's Pyramid - Egypt Fun Tours
Chephren’s Pyramid

The second pyramid of the Giza complex was built in 2540 BC during the 4th dynasty. The pyramid’s Egyptian name is “Wer(en)-Khafre,” which means “Khafre Is Great.” It was built of Tura limestone blocks, each weighing two tonnes, and pink granite slabs in the interior construction, reaching a height of 136.4 (448 ft.) on a foundation of 215.5 m. (706 ft.).

Chephren’s Great Sphinx

Chephren's Sphinx - Egypt Fun Tours

Next to the Valley temple lies the Great Sphinx, a legendary monster with a lion’s body and a human face that was erected to defend the region and safeguard it from robber graves. It has a height of 240 feet (73 meters) and a length of 66 feet (20 m). It is thought to include the face of Khafre king Kefren and is located on the plateau in front of the huge second pyramid. The Sphinx is shrouded in mystery, with numerous unresolved questions regarding its real age, origin, and function.

Chephren’s Valley Temple (Mummification’s Temple)

The Valley Temple’s blocks are composed of Red Granite and have remained in excellent condition to this day. There are also large statues of King Chephren that were discovered at The Valley Temple and are now housed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. These statues are made of Diorite, which is a very difficult material to carve, and all statues were used to protect the main deity during the ancient Egyptian period. If you want to visit Egypt, the “Land of Pharaohs,” and see these ancient sites, you should go through our top Egypt tour packages and pick your favorite vacation.

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