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If you want to spend a day outside of Cairo to get away from the large city with its noise and heavy traffic, and you’ve decided to do the best day trip from Cairo to El Fayoum, here’s a detailed description of the best possible trip to El Fayoum, including places to see, where to stop, and the best things to do during the day.

You should not miss the following places.

A day trip to El Fayoum used to be unappealing, and guests were disappointed when they arrived to see the lakes and waterfalls, and it felt like a day without any major attractions. Do not go on a day excursion from Cairo to El Fyoum just to view the lake and the Wadi El Rayan Waterfalls; there is much more to see and experience than lakes, such as the remarkable Valley of the Whales, the Climate Change Museum, and the Magic Lake. The perfect Day Trip from Cairo to El Fayounm Oasis should include a stop in Tunis, with all of its stunning architecture and pottery artwork.

Wadi El Hitan (Valley of the Whales)

Wadi El Hitan protectorate in Egypt
Whale’s Fossil from Wadi El Hitan

Consider exploring antiquity by seeing 5000-year-old tombs and temples. Think about 40 million-year-old whales! Wadi Al-Hitan, located 150 miles southwest of Cairo, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that comprises remnants of the ancient Tethys Sea when Egypt has submerged and sea cows, crocodiles, and turtles roamed the waters. Its most significant aspect, however, is the information it provides about whale growth.

Whale ancestors walked on land fifty million years ago while hunting in shallow seas, much like sea otters do now. During the next 10 million years, archeocetes (ancient whales) adapted to a more aquatic existence. The Wadi Al Hitan Fossil and Climate Change Museum, which opened in 2016, has remarkable exhibits in English and Arabic that show the area’s climatic changes over time as well as how land-based creatures evolved to return to the sea. The fossils, however, are not only on display. Whole skeletons of Basilosaurus and Dorudon are on display along a walking path packed with invertebrate fossils and bone pieces, some of which still retain small hind limbs not present in modern whales. Each year, only about 3000 individuals visit Wadi Al-Hitan. Previously, access was through a sand-blown path that required 4WD vehicles, but lately (as of May 2022), a paved road that allows regular autos to make the trip.

The Magic Lake

The Magic Lake in Fayoum
The Magic Lake in Fayoum

The Magic Lake, with vistas of sand dunes, is one of Egypt’s most beautiful lakes. You’ll be able to watch one of the most magnificent sunsets you’ve ever seen as you walk around the lake. Magic Lake is a beautiful lake located near Fayoum’s Wadi El Rayan. It was given the name “Magic Lake” because it changes colors several times every day depending on the time of year and the amount of sunlight it receives. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful desert location. Hiking and sandboarding, as well as swimming in the lake, are popular activities around Magic Lake. Minerals in the lake are considered to help rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Tunis Village

Tunis Village In Fayoum - Egypt Fun Tours
Tunis Village In Fayoum – Egypt Fun Tours

In 1962, an Egyptian novelist and his Swiss wife visited Tunis Village, fell in love with it, and decided to build a house and a pottery factory to resurrect the Fayoum pottery industry and educate future generations on how to make pottery. Not to mention the promotion of eco-tourism in the area. Tunis village is well-known for its beautiful architecture, hotels with views of Qarun Lake, and several tourist restaurants.

You should be able to view the above-mentioned monuments, as well as Lake Qarun, Wadi El Rayan waterfalls and lakes, and Mudawara mountain, on a day journey from Cairo to El Fayoum oasis. Egypt Fun Tours’ driver and tour guide will handle the time and make it a reality.

Tours to El Fayoum Oasis From Cairo

If you live in Cairo or are visiting Egypt as a tourist, you should take a day trip from Cairo to El Fayoum oasis to appreciate the nature, landscape, and ancient sites that El Fayoum has to offer.