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The Curse of the Pharaohs

“All who get near to, death shall perish.” Perhaps the fabled “Curse of the Pharaohs,” which obsessed many times over, is the basis for their belief in the episodes of death and devastation that impact all of their open or near-pharaonic graves.

Tomb of TutAnkhAmun:

The tomb of Tutankhamun is the bomber of this myth or mystery, with the phrase “slay death two wings, anyone who tries to allay security and peace of the Pharaoh” which was discovered carved on the tomb’s walls when it was opened in 1922, especially since it followed several incidents of death that struck workers and archeologists.

Anthropoid Cofin

A severe sandstorm is supposed to have erupted over Tutankhamun’s tomb on the day it was opened, and a falcon was spotted soaring over the graveyard, where it is said to be a holy emblem of the pharaohs. And this is possibly what made this tomb the source of the Pharaonic curse since it caused the death of fourteen scientists and scholars. All individuals who touched or were touched chased death one by one and the cemetery was not harmed by one of the thieves, surviving unbroken for thirty-three centuries.

Ancient Egyptian Royal Mummy

Series of curses:

Lord Carnarvon, the excavation team’s financial backer, was present when the tomb was unveiled on February 29, 1922 AD. He died on April 5th, 1923 AD, after being bitten by a mosquito and becoming sick. He died four months and seven days after the tomb was opened. On May 16, 1923, George Jay Gould I died on the French Riviera after contracting a fever while visiting a tomb.

On July 10, 1923, Egyptian Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy was assassinated by his wife. Honorable Colonel Aubrey Herbert, Member of Parliament and Carnarvon’s half-brother became entirely blind and died on September 26, 1923, from blood poisoning caused by a dental procedure intended to restore his sight. On November 13, 1923, blackmailer Baron Kurt von Veltheim, whose actual name was Karl Friedrich Moritz Kurtze, shot and killed Wolf Joel, a South African billionaire, and tomb visitor, in Johannesburg.

On January 15, 1924 CE, Sir Archibald Douglas-Reid, the physician who x-rayed Tutankhamun’s mummy, died of an unknown disease. Sir Lee Stack, Governor-General of Sudan, was killed while driving in Cairo on November 19, 1924 AD. A member of Carter’s excavation crew, Arthur Cruttenden Mace, died of arsenic poisoning in 1928. Honorable Mervyn Herbert, “Carnarvon’s” half-brother and brother of the aforementioned “Aubrey Herbert,” died of “malaria pneumonia” on May 25, 1929 AD, according to reports.

Carter’s personal secretary, Honorable Commander Richard Bethell, died on November 15, 1929, after being discovered smothered in his bed. The above-father mentioned’s Richard Lecharle Pilkington Bathall, 3rd Baron of Westbury, died on February 20, 1930 AD, allegedly by hurling himself from the seventh floor of his apartment. Howard Carter founded his cemetery on February 16, 1923, and died on March 2, 1939, more than a decade later. However, other people believe he died as a result of a curse.

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