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Traditional Egyptian Desserts

Egyptian sweets are light and airy. Mahalabiya is a light ground rice dish scented with rosewater and topped with toasted almonds and cinnamon. “Umm Ali” is comparable to English bread and butter pudding, but because it is cooked using local dry bread, it is less soft and spongy. Rice pudding, or Roz bi laban, is always served cold. These are only a few examples of traditional Egyptian sweets.

1 – Basbousa:

Basbousa, a Middle Eastern sweet treat served with walnuts, syrup, and cream, has become one of Egypt’s most popular dessert alternatives. This delicious cake is created with semolina or farina that has been soaked in syrup and squeezed into a mold before baking. Rose or flower water are frequently used to flavor the syrup, with powdered coconut added to taste. Basbousa is a vegan dish that is widely consumed by Egypt’s Coptic Christians during fasting seasons.

2 – Baqlawa:

Baqlawa, commonly known as baklava, is a rich, sweet delicacy fashioned from complicated layers of filo dough, chopped nuts, and fruits that originated in the Caucasus highlands under the Ottoman Empire. Syrup and honey bind the dessert, which is frequently served with a big dollop of creamy cream – a delectable end to a classic Egyptian meal.

3 – Kunafa:

It’s another dish in Egypt that we recommend you try. The Kunafa is a cake made of angel hair-like semolina noodles that are rolled and flattened before being baked with butter and cream cheese over low heat. When it’s done, it’s soaked in syrup and topped with a few groundnuts.

4- Umm Ali:

Even if you only visit Egypt for a few minutes, this is a must-try dessert.
Umm Ali, which translates to “Mother of Ali,” is constructed of layers of puff pastry soaked in milk and combined with almonds, raisins, coconut flakes, and sugar before baking.
The combination of baked bread and hot milk, as well as a variety of other seasonings, makes this a dish to remember.

5 – Roz Bel Laban:

Roz Bel Laban is Egypt’s version of rice pudding, which translates as “rice with milk.” If you like rice pudding, you’ll adore this.
Ishta is rice cooked in milk, occasionally cream, and sugar, usually with pistachio bits on top. Everyone enjoys this easy and delicious dessert!

6 – Zalabya:

Zalabya is a Turkish and Greek dessert consisting of tiny fried dough balls drenched in syrup and honey and dusted with sugar powder and brown or white chocolate.

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