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Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips

Discover the wonders of ancient earth in Egypt through the magical Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips.

Wadi El Hitan is a natural reserve in Egypt, located in the Western Desert. The area is home to a unique geological formation, one of the world’s best-preserved examples of whale evolution, earning it the title “Whale Valley” or “Valley of the Whales.” These exceptional features make Wadi El Hitan an ideal destination for nature and science lovers.

Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips

Climate change and fossil Museum at Wadi El Hitan protectorate - Egypt Fun Tours

Climate Change and Fossil Museum at Wadi El Hitan Protectorate – Egypt Fun Tours

Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips are a popular way to explore the area. Safari trips typically start from Cairo or Fayoum, and then drive for almost three hours to reach the valley. Visitors can opt for a day trip or stay overnight at one of the many desert camps set up near the reserve.

Once inside the reserve, visitors can explore the valley on foot or on a guided tour. The most popular attraction is the fossils found embedded in the valley’s limestone rocks. The fossils date back to over 36 million years ago and include the skeletons of over 400 early whales, along with other prehistoric creatures.

One of the most exciting things about Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips is the remnants of other ancient features, such as the petrified forest that dates back to the same period as the whales. The petrified forest includes the remains of several types of trees that have turned into stone, adding to the unique features of the area.

Apart from the geological and paleontological attractions, visitors can also immerse themselves in authentic Bedouin culture. The area is home to several Bedouin tribes who have lived in the desert for centuries. Visitors can experience traditional Bedouin tea ceremonies, cuisine, and music.

Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips are an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse oneself in a unique, otherworldly experience. It’s a journey back in time to witness nature’s incredible evolution and a chance to reconnect with an earlier era of our planet’s history.

In conclusion, Wadi El Hitan Safari Trips are a must-do experience for anyone looking to explore Egypt’s desert’s natural beauty and learn about its rich geological history and Bedouin culture. The valley is sure to leave an impression that lasts long beyond the trip’s conclusion.

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