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The Petrified Forest in Fayoum

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Discover a true desert experience at the world’s largest petrified forest, located in Gabal Qatrani to the north of Lake Qaroun. It is home to 40-meter-tall trees that have been fossilized for thousands of years. The Petrified Forest is the skeletal remains of a forest that once existed 35 million years ago. The trees are flawlessly petrified, down to the slightest features, and they are surrounded by marshy flora and aquatic ferns. Except for Antarctica, this type of petrified wood may be found on every continent except Antarctica. Some well-known petrified wood locations include the United States, Argentina, Brazil, China, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Ukraine. The Jebel Qatrani-museum open-air museum is presently located in the Petrified Forest. The Museum opened in 2018 to showcase geological relics discovered in the Fayoum desert millions of years ago, such as petrified trees, fossilized whales, Aegyptopithecus, elephants, Phiomia, Palaeomastodon, Arsinoitherium, crocodiles, snakes, and many more beautifully preserved fossils.

The museum was created in early 2018 and is set to open soon. It displays fossils from both marines.

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