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Animals in Ancient Egypt

Why did The Ancient Egyptians Worship Animals?

The ancient Egyptians were well-versed in biology, and each animal they adored served a purpose and was revered for its contributions to humans. The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, murdered and mummified animals, which did not imply a lack of respect because they utilized some of the animals as sustenance, such as cows, as well as for worship! The ancient Egyptians treated some animals with reverence because they assisted them with tasks that they could accomplish themselves, while others were treated like gods because they performed tasks that they could not.

The cow was the goddess of maternity, music, joy, and love, whereas the goose was the deity of the wind. The falcon represented the sky deity, the crocodile represented evil together with hypos, the cat represented a local goddess in the Delta, the jackal represented mummification, the ibis bird represented science, and the dung beetle represented the sun god Ra. They regarded the hyena as a sacred animal since it was used to make medicine and feed ill people. The high priest’s body was covered in cheetah skin to demonstrate his strength.

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