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PCR Testing Requirements For Egypt Visitors

Important Notes For Travelers Who Are Coming to Visit Egypt During Covid-19

  • All of the passengers who are coming to visit Egypt including the Egyptians have to bring with them a negative PCR test for COVID-19 and it should be issued at the departure country a maximum of 72 HRS prior to the arrival time. Passengers who are traveling from Thailand, Japan, North America, China, Canada, South America, Paris, Heathrow, Frankfort, and London will be permitted to have the test 96 hrs prior to the timing of their arrival for the long timing of flight and transit as the airports of those countries. Children under 6 years old aren’t required to have a PCR test.
  • Any traveler should maintain all of the precautionary procedures during the entire trip and kindly notice that having a PCR test upon arrival at Cairo International Airport is now available so you could do the test upon arrival in Egypt. The result of the PCR must be printed, signed, and stamped to be able to use upon your arrival in Egypt.
  • Regarding the transit travelers who are moving from and to different international destinations must have negative PCR tests even if their final destination doesn’t require one. If those passengers aren’t entitled to any hotel accommodation & will stay at Cairo International Airport, then the PCR test isn’t required unless it is required at your destination.
  • For passengers arriving at Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Taba, or Marsa Alam airports instead of Cairo Airport and failed to have the PCR prior to their arrival, they are allowed to have that test upon their arrival at any of those destinations and pay only 30 USD. They will be isolated at their hotels until they receive the PCR test results. If the PCR test is positive, then the passenger will be isolated in his/her room until he/she co-ordinate with the Ministry of health in Egypt.

The Main Requirements to Get Your PCR Certificate Accepted for Egypt

  • It must include the exact timing & date of withdrawing the sample from you and it should be 72 hrs prior to the date & time of your arrival.
  • It must be issued via an accredited laboratory and it should also be printed, stamped, and signed via the laboratory and it shouldn’t contain any addition, cancellation, or scraping.
  • It should indicate the type of sample that was taken for the swab
  • It should indicate the type of the test whether it is RT or PCR
  • The certificate of the PCR is accepted in either English or Arabic language.

Kindly Notice: A negative PCR certificate expires as soon as the traveler uses it to get outside Egypt and you won’t be able to use it again to get back to Egypt.

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