Farafra Oasis

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A tiny oasis in Egypt going back to the Pharaonic era, particularly since the tenth dynasty in the twenty-first century BC, was known as (Banta Aht), which means “country of the cow.” It lies 320 kilometers northwest of Dakhla, 170 kilometers south of the Bahariya Oasis, 360 kilometers southwest of Marsa Matrouh, and approximately 627 kilometers from Cairo. It got its name from the number of meadows and cows in the area. After the Arab conquest of Egypt, it became famous for its commerce in dates and olives between Farfra and the Nile Valley, and it was known as Abu Said, Ain Ibshway, and Wadi Hans.

Things to See In Farafra Oasis

The White Desert

One night camping trip to the white desert from Cairo
2 days trip from Cairo to the White Desert

The White Desert is a chalky area found in the oasis’s northwestern corner. It has natural shapes that attract tourists. Winds have carved several rock formations in the shape of mushrooms, as well as white stone pillars, chalk walls, and conical walls.

Farafra Palace

It is the capital of the Farafra Oasis and is composed of mud bricks that are the ruins of structures from the Roman era.

Farafra Spring

White Desert Camping Trip from Cairo - Egypt Fun Tours
White Desert Camping Trip from Cairo – Egypt Fun Tours

This deep self-flowing well is located six kilometers west of Farfara, and its water temperature reaches 24 degrees Celsius all year. A tourist hamlet with a restaurant, café, swimming pool, and open areas has been created beside it.

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