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Luxor Mummification Museum

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The Mummification Museum is a unique and intriguing spectacle to study in the neighborhood of the magnificent Nile River, more particularly in the endless and magical city of Luxor, the ancient Thebes. There, the art of mummification is precisely represented in ancient Egypt’s time, which is divided into three periods: the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. You may observe mummified animals and learn about many of the equipment and materials utilized for such operations during the period.

An interesting display of the ancient Egyptian technique of mummification may be seen in this modest museum on the Nile’s banks. Instruments for extracting internal organs, medications for treating the body, and things required for the mummy’s passage to the afterlife are all on exhibit. Maseharti, a high priest and commander from the 21st Dynasty, was discovered with his painted coffin at Deir el-Bahri.

Among the other displays are a mummified cat, a symbol of the goddess Bastet, and a mummified ram, a symbol of the deity Khnum. A cross-section of a mummified skull, filled with material where the brain has been removed, is one of the educational artifacts on exhibit. A fragment of a mummified toe is also present.

The Mummification Museum, which opened in 1997 and is positioned adjacent to the magnificent Museum of Luxor, which dates back to 1975, is a completely educational organization. One of its goals is to demonstrate how the ancient Egyptians said their deceased farewell and preserved them, preparing them for the trip to a new life they were about to embark on.

It is possible to get into close proximity to a plethora of precious historical artifacts, including limestone headrests, ointment containers, ceremonial instruments, chests, and numerous animals (rams, cats, ducks, crocodiles, parts of oxen, and many others). In addition to the natural chance to see, visitors to the Museum of Mummification may learn about the mummification processes employed in ancient Egypt.

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