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Roman Amphitheater at Kom el-Dikka

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Nobody gave much consideration to the old debris pile in central Alexandria until it was decided to remove the land in the 1960s to make room for new homes. As construction began, the Kom el-Dikka (“Mound of Rubbles”) region uncovered a slew of ancient ruins buried underground, including a tiny Roman theater.

Today, the site is a tiny archaeological park with relics from Alexandria’s Greco-Roman era. There are also ruins of a Ptolemaic temple, Roman baths, and several Roman-era villas, in addition to the theater. Excavation work on the Villa of the Birds here uncovered well-preserved 3rd-century mosaic floors that have been conserved.

The Roman Amphitheatre or Roman Theatre is bounded on the north by Horrya Street, on the west by Nabi Daniel Street, on the south by Abdel Moneim Street, and on the east by Saphia Zaghloul Street. It is one of Alexandria’s emblems.

Amphitheaters, which were vast and majestic in structure, were named after the Greek word for “double theatre.” Amphitheaters were open-air theaters with no curtains on the stage that were usually built in semi-circular shapes.
The Roman Theatre of Egypt is small in size, and most of the construction is in ruins, yet it is an amazing historical monument from the Roman period of Egypt. The theatre also has a number of poorly constructed galleries. More spectators may be accommodated in these galleries, which also have 700-800 marble seats arranged around the stage.

Two more archaeological sites were discovered in the strata above the Roman roadway. There was a Muslim cemetery and slums here.

This Roman theatre, which dates from the 2nd century A.D., featured a huge auditorium that measured 42m in diameter. The outside of the theatre’s structure was most likely decorated with columns situated on many levels. However, the theatre was eventually renovated, and the huge auditorium was reduced to 33.5 m in circumference. After then, it counted 16 rows of marble chairs.

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