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Souq Al-Khayamiya “Tentmakers’ Market”

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After seeing the most intriguing ancient landmarks and sightseeing, one of the most fun activities you can do in Egypt is going on a shopping excursion. In Egypt, there are dozens of unique bazaars, open-air marketplaces, and stores in various locations, and one of the most fascinating is the spectacular Souq Al-Khayamiya “Tentmakers Bazaar.”
It is located beyond the Fatimid Cairo’s southern walls, across the street from Bab Zuweila. There used to be several marketplaces in the region that sold a variety of things, but now the tentmakers are the only ones left. Following your visit to Bab Zuweila, you will see a short alley ahead of you with a high roof. During your holiday in Egypt, you will encounter merchants that specialize in selling textile products in that alley, and you will find hundreds of fascinating things to look at and buy.

What Does the Souq El-Khayamiya Have to Offer?

There are many wall hangings, beautiful tapestries and rugs, and stunning multicolored canvases that are painted with amazing patterns that depict the Islamic era in the Souk of Al-Khayamiya. For a long time, the tents offered at that market have been utilized for special events and outdoor activities such as funerals, holiday festivities, store openings, and wedding feasts.

It is the last remaining covered market in Cairo, and that is not all; the crafts made there are quite precious and of good quality, and they are sold at reasonable costs. You will discover a variety of textile pieces that are cheaper than those found at Khan El-Khalili Bazaar. If you wander through some of Cairo’s well-known districts, you will undoubtedly see some of those tents and hear some loud music and celebration sounds on the streets and avenues of Old Cairo.

What Should You Expect When Visiting Khan El-Khalili Bazaar?

Because of its magical, shiny baubles and amazing goods that attract tourists from all over the world, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar is the largest and most colorful crowded market you will ever witness in Egypt, especially with its breathtaking spice market that includes the best fresh spices you will ever find, in addition to the largest perfume market that has numerous essential oils’ scents. You’ll find gold merchants and antique shops inside the market, both of which are stocked with precious works of art. Additionally, there are various fabric stores and carpet sellers who sell practically everything you could want to buy while in Egypt.

So, while on vacation in Egypt, don’t miss the opportunity to explore these magnificent marketplaces and bazaars that contain everything you would need when walking throughout the gorgeous country of the Pharaohs. Make sure you have a local tour guide with you when purchasing such products in order to acquire them at reasonable costs and avoid being duped by locals, as you deserve to enjoy the finest vacation ever. You may also take one of our magnificent Cairo day excursions, which include visits to the Giza pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, the Khan El Khalili bazaar, and many other interesting locations.

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