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The Citadel Of Salah Ad-din

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citadel Saladin cairoThe citadel was founded by Salah Ad-din in 1168, and it was completed by his nephew King Al-Aadel. It is located on a high hill named Moqqattam overlooks the old city of Cairo from the eastern side. Salah Ad-din was the ruler over Egypt for 24 years, he is very well known for his victory against the crusaders who were defeated in the battle of Hattin. The citadel is a large fortified area, the enclosure wall supported with huge rounded and square archers’ towers.

The open courtyard of the Alabaster Mosque

Tourists can visit the marvelous mosque of Mohamed Ali from the 19th century, the mosque of Mohamed Bn Qalawoon, the military museum, the national police museum that used to be a palace built by Mohamed Ali, the Gawhara palace, and the Ottoman mosque of Soliman.

The Alabaster mosque interior ceiling
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