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The Great Temple of Abydos

The Great Temple of Abydos

The Great Temple of Abydos

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The Great Temple of Abydos, also known as the Seti I Temple, is one of Abydos’ most important historical landmarks. Pharaoh Seti I started construction in the temple, and it was completed by his son King Ramses II. The Osireion is located in the back of the temple.
The Abydos Temple is one of the most important temples in history since it includes crucial proof of ancient Egyptian beliefs and ideas about the deity Osiris, his wife goddess Isis, and their son Horus! The essence of the God Osiris myth was incorporated into the account of Jesus’ birth from a virgin mother without a physical father.
The Abydos Temple is dedicated to the worship of God Osiris, a powerful god in ancient Egypt who looked for his offspring and land. Osiris was the God of All Gods of the Afterlife, and he symbolized stability.
The enormous temple of Abydos retains most of the hues of its representations, as well as beautifully preserved images that transport you to another time.
The significance of the Abydos Temple stems from several specific images uncovered on the temple’s walls, such as depictions depicting the miraculous birth of the savior God Horus and the Kings’ List.

The Divine Birth of Horus:

Horus was born of a deceased father. Isis got pregnant and gave birth to God Horus, who was expected to defend the people from his uncle, the criminal Seth, and his terrible abilities. Isis became pregnant while a virgin with the help of the gods Nephthys and Anubis’ magical powers, and Horus, her son, was born without a physical father to rescue humanity! On the walls of Abydos Temple, scenes depicting this procedure are portrayed. This is a key component of the Osiris mythology.

The divine birth of the savior

Abydos King List:

The “Abydos King List” is a lengthy list of the pharaohs of the major dynasties, as acknowledged by King Seti I, etched on a wall. There were a few notable people kept off the list on purpose. The Table of Abydos, unearthed by William John Bankes, has been dubbed the “Rosetta Stone” of Egyptian archaeology, similar to the Rosetta Stone for Egyptian writing, beyond the Narmer Palette since it contains an almost full list of pharaoh names.

Great Temple of Abydos
King List of Abydos

Helicopter hieroglyphs:

Over time, carved stone has been re-used, resulting in the “helicopter” image. The first carving was done during Seti I’s reign, and it means “He who repels the nine [enemies of Egypt].” During the time of Ramesses II, this sculpture was filled in with plaster and recarved with the caption “He who defends Egypt and overthrows distant kingdoms.” The plaster has worn away over time, leaving both inscriptions partially visible and resulting in a palimpsest-like appearance of overlapping hieroglyphs.

Great Temple of Abydos
Helicopter Hieroglyphs at Abydos Temple

Dorothy Eady:

Dorothy Louise Eady, popularly known as Omm Seti “mother of Seti,” was the caretaker of Abydos’ Temple of Seti I from 16 January 1904 until 21 April 1981.

Omm Seti, Dorothy Eady, keeper of Abydos temple


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