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The Legend of God Osiris

It is no doubt that Osiris, the good king, is one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt, and represents the most popular governor. His story tells that he used to be a good king before being a god, and he was so popular that it made his brother Seth very jealous of him. In addition to popularity, Seth was also jealous of the love between Osiris and their sister, the beautiful goddess Isis. For this, Seth planned to kill him.

This is not the beginning; let me tell you the full story. The very first god who created himself by himself is Atum “Adam now”, he then created moisture and air, they -in their turn- produced the sky & the earth! The four kids “Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys” were the kids of the Sky Nut and the Earth Geb, a parallel to the beginning of life on our planet. The four gods represent four different powers: Osiris represented the good side in the world, Seth was evil, Isis was love and beauty, and Nephtys was the power of magic. It was the priests’ message to the world that the four powers are a must-have in this world for the balance of life.
Because he represented the “good” of the world, Osiris became the king of Egypt and that encouraged everybody to love him. And of course, the most famous love story at that time was the story of the good king and the lady who holds the powers of beauty and love – “Isis”.

Evil is introduced and creates a continuous power struggle between the good and the bad.
The plan was settled by Seth to kill his brother Osiris by inviting him to a dinner party and then kill him inside a ready-made coffin, which was made in advance by Seth for Osiris…but how to convince Osiris to lay in the coffin?… Seth announced at the end of the party that the coffin is his gift to whom it fits, so everybody should try the coffin to see if it would be his, depending on the size!!
When Osiris laid on the coffin, it, of course, fit his measurements. The audience was the evil friends of Seth who closed the coffin on Osiris, and the coffin was thrown onto the Nile. The water current carried the coffin all the way to the shore of Lebanon. The coffin later was found by people from the Palace of the king.
Isis knew the story because of Osiris’s absence and started to look for him searching all the Nile & followed the water current and went to Lebanon. She found him in the middle of a huge tree trunk that was grown abnormally to cover the coffin and keep it safe. But before she took the coffin out of the tree, some workers from the royal palace were already cutting the tree as they decided to use it as a pillar in the palace of the king, since it was so enormous and beautiful.

In the form of a beautiful lady, Isis went to the palace pretending she was looking for a job. When the queen saw her beauty, she quickly insisted on taking Isis to be one of her personal servants.
At night on the same day, while everybody was asleep in the palace, Isis started to cut the tree (the pillar) to take the coffin and then flew away, but Osiris was already dead.
And Seth was watching all the time to see what would happen if Isis was able to find the coffin and if Osiris was still alive.

When Seth saw the coffin with Isis, he fought with her and took the coffin. He then cut the body into several pieces (14, 15, or 16 pieces), and scattered them across the entire land of Egypt, making it almost impossible for Isis to collect Osiris.
Isis did not surrender, and she kept flying all over the country finding Osiris’s pieces and collecting them back.

“But what would I do with some pieces of flesh?” asked Isis…Nephtys answered that she can help with the power of magic, but in all cases, they would not be able to give him back his life!
Isis collected almost all the pieces, and even tried to restore him into one piece, but it was very difficult to do so without the use of linen bandages to tie around the whole body to prevent it from falling apart.

Osiris being given the missing organ

“Now it is your turn,” said Isis speaking to her sister, Nephthys, who said in return that she can help with getting Osiris’s seeds (the sperm of Osiris) to produce a baby. They would raise this baby to become a powerful knight who will take his revenge and fight against evil.
In the form of a female falcon, Isis flew over the male organ of the dead Osiris and received his seeds.
Thus, the son of Isis and Osiris is a falcon, whose name is Horus – the falcon god of the sky. He was very powerful, and he is usually represented on the walls of the temples of ancient Egypt with the head of a falcon.

The good god, son of good god was able to defeat Seth, the hippopotamus god of evil.
This story is the story of good versus evil in ancient Egyptian mythology, and it was the reason why the kings made statues showing themselves in the form of Osiris, as mentioned in the story: the very first king of Egypt, the good king, the very first mummy (mummified by his wife and sister Isis), the very first king in the other life, and the symbol of good in our life.

Also because of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian people wrapped their mummies with linen bandages, as Osiris was wrapped in linen by Isis.
It was said that the coffin was a little tight and that Osiris had to cross his arms on his chest to fit inside, and when Isis was restoring him, she had to put his parts back into the same position in which he died. That is why the mummy of the king is in this position, and that is why the king was holding the crock and the flail during his life in the same position, crossing his arms on his chest.

Furthermore, Osiris’s son is a falcon because his mother was in the form of a falcon at the time she received the seeds of his father and got pregnant!
Osiris served as a reminder for all the ancient kings to remember that they should be good kings to gain popularity and people’s trust. In the temple of Osiris at Abydos, the backbone of Osiris is shown everywhere to represent stability and development. And to remember that evil will be there forever, and there will be no good if there is no evil.

Horus was later shown on the walls of the temples as the savior god who was born without father from a virgin mother reminding us of Jesus the savior of humanity. The divine birth of Horus is in every temple either as a birth chapel or depictions on the walls telling his story. Some of the versions of the story are so old – older than Jesus -, and some were made about the same time as Jesus appeared. Anyways, I believe that Jesus & Horus are one person!

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