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The Nubian Museum

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The Nubian Museum in Aswan is one of Egypt’s greatest and a must-see for anybody interested in ancient and modern Nubia’s history and culture. It records the treasures of a civilization that was nearly wiped out by the construction of the Aswan Dam and the creation of Lake Nasser.

There is an excellent collection of artifacts from the Kingdom of Kush (ancient Nubia), as well as many wonderful black-and-white photographs of UNESCO’s incredible project to save Philae Temple and Abu Simbel from the dam’s rising waters (along with extensive photographs of the vast range of other monuments that are now lost forever under the lake’s waters).

A statue of Ramses II, a statue of Amenras, the Shpatka’s head, and the black granite head of Tahraqa are among the museum’s antiquities. The ethnographic part of the museum showcases beautiful Nubian handicrafts and folk art, as well as describing the history of Nubia and its people.

Just beyond the Nubian Museum are Aswan’s Fatimid cemetery’s sagging mud-brick mausoleums. Visitors are welcome to take a tour around the cemetery, and the caretakers can point out the most noteworthy mausoleums. Remember to give them a little tip.

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