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The Civilization of Ancient Egypt

One Everlasting Civilization

The ancient Egyptian civilization is the richest! And, to be fair, this particular civilization has had the most influence on our modern society.

In this area, we will do our best to offer you information on ancient Egypt’s civilization and all of the elements that contributed to it, as well as intriguing facts. There are multiple topics discussing the ancient Egyptian civilization, the everyday lives of the ancient Egyptians, their concepts, their culture, and how they established ways of living.

If you are seeking for ancient Egyptian events, conflicts, if you want to learn about kings and queens of ancient Egypt, know about gods and goddesses, you can find it all here.

Ancient Egyptian Government - Egypt Fun Tours

Ancient Egyptian Government

Ancient Egypt is renowned for its impressive achievements in art, architecture, religion, and culture. However, less recognized is the ancient Egyptian government, which supported and governed the civilization for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians’ political structure was a complex and fascinating system that evolved over centuries and played a

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God Osiris - Egyptian Mythology - Egypt Fun Tours

God Osiris

God Osiris: The Enigmatic God of the Underworld and Resurrection In the pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods, one deity stands out for its significance and enduring legacy – God Osiris. Revered as the god of the afterlife, resurrection, and fertility, Osiris played a pivotal role in Egyptian mythology and religious

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Ancient Egyptian Cartouche - Egyptian Mythology - Egypt Fun Tours

Ancient Egyptian Cartouche

The Ancient Egyptian Cartouche: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Identity In the world of ancient Egypt, hieroglyphs served as a vital means of communication, recording history, and preserving cultural identity. Among the many fascinating aspects of Egyptian hieroglyphic script, the ancient Egyptian cartouche stands out as a distinct and intriguing

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Djed Pillar of God Osiris - Ancient Egyptian Symbols - Egypt Fun Tours

Djed Pillar of God Osiris

Djed Pillar of God Osiris: Symbol of Stability and Resurrection In the ancient Egyptian pantheon, Osiris, the god of the afterlife, held a significant role in the beliefs and rituals surrounding death and rebirth. Central to his symbolism was the Djed pillar, a sacred symbol representing stability, strength, and resurrection.

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Eye of Horus - Egypt Fun Tours

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus: Ancient Symbol of Protection and Healing The Eye of Horus, also known as the Wedjat or the Eye of Ra, is an ancient Egyptian symbol that holds deep cultural and spiritual significance. This iconic symbol has captivated minds for centuries, representing a powerful blend of mythology,

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Important ancient Egyptian Symbols - Egypt Fun Tours

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Famous and Important Ancient Egyptian Symbols and its meanings In the annals of history, few civilizations have left as indelible a mark as the ancient Egyptians. Renowned for their awe-inspiring monuments, mystical rituals, and complex belief systems, the ancient Egyptians also possessed a profound language of symbols that permeated every

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Ankh, the Key of Life by the Ancient Egyptians - Egypt Fun Tours

Ankh, the Key of Life by the Ancient Egyptians

Ankh, The Key of Life by the Egyptians In the vast and enigmatic realm of ancient Egyptian civilization, few symbols capture the essence of life and its eternal mysteries quite like the Ankh. Known as the “Key of life,” this ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol has fascinated scholars, archaeologists, and enthusiasts

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Worship of the sun - Why the ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun - Egypt Fun Tours

Worship of the Sun

Why the Ancient Egyptians Worshipped the Sun The ancient Egyptians, with their rich mythology and complex belief system, held the sun in the highest regard. The sun, symbolizing life, light, and energy, was at the core of their religious practices and rituals. In this article, we delve into the reasons

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10 Important Events in Ancient Egypt - Egypt Fun Tours

10 Important Events in Ancient Egypt

There is no doubt that civilization was invented in ancient Egypt which produced important events. Ancient Egypt has a rich and fascinating history spanning thousands of years. From the construction of incredible pyramid structures to the discovery of important scientific and medical advancements, there are countless events that have shaped

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Eye of Ra - Egypt Fun Tours

The Eye of Ra

The eye of Ra is frequently confused with the eye of Horus, as both are originally the two eyes of Horus! Thus, there are two identical eye symbols in ancient Egypt. The Eye of Ra serves as the solar deity of Ra’s feminine counterpart as well as a powerful force

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Isis Goddess of Love

Isis, Goddess of Love

Isis, the Egyptian goddess, was a powerful divinity whose devotion extended to Greece and Rome. Isis was initially referenced in the Osiris tale in the ancient Sumerian empire (2181-2686 BC), when she resurrected her murdered god-king Osiris and gave birth to his successor Horus, as well as rising from the

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Artifacts from Tutankhamun's Tomb

Artifacts from Tutankhamun’s Tomb

What was discovered in Tutankhamun’s Tomb? According to scientific notation, Tomb No. 62 is situated in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings on the Nile’s western bank. When it was discovered, this tomb garnered enormous worldwide recognition for its richness and valuables since it is said to be the only tomb

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