25-03-2023 03:11:14 PM
El Fayoum Oasis Attractions

Egypt has many fascinating areas and oases, Fayoum is one of them. Fayoum oasis is located in a natural depression in Egypt’s western desert, near Cairo, and has amazing attractions and natural beauty because it is connected to the Nile River by a natural channel and Bahr Yusuf. Fayoum’s major landmarks date back to the Pharaonic, Greek, Islamic, and Coptic eras, which provide this city and make it fantastic.

Fayoum is a booming place to get away from the crowds, feel free and relaxed, and scout around the fascinating finds of Qarun Lake. It considers the large area of el Fayoum, which was once known as Shedet because it was the large center for Sobek the crocodile god. It has gone through many rules since the pharaonic, Greek, Roman, and Catholic eras.

Allow yourself to be pampered while visiting el Fayoum, where you can gaze at Qarun Lake, which is home to a variety of birds, weather, and an amazing view, then eager to visit the Valley of Whales, which is home to a variety of whale fossils and skeletons, and for adventure, el Fayoum offers Wadi el Rayan, where you can enjoy sandboarding over sand dunes, among other activities.

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