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Private Guided Sightseeing Layover Tour from Cairo Airport to Giza Pyramids, Saqqara, & Memphis. Door to door transfers.

Pick up from Cairo International Airport. Full-Day Tour to Giza Pyramids, Cheops, Chephren, and Mycarinos. A camel ride by the pyramids Panorama. Proceed to visit the Valley Temple, the place where the priests mummified the dead body of King Chephren who was buried in the second pyramid at Giza Plateau. Continue to have a close-up look at the Sphinx, the legendary guardian statue that stands by the huge funeral complex with its lion body and the head of King Chephren.

Get inside the pyramid of the queen. There is an opportunity to visit the Great Pyramid from inside, but it would be the Subject of extra charge. Camel Ride is Included.

Continue your day tour to Saqqara, located only 16.7 miles (27 kilometers) southwest from Cairo. Visit the Step Pyramid, built for King Djoser, it is considered an important part of the process of the pyramid evolution, which was made from the simple mastaba to its widely known form. Visit Imhotep museum to see the great architect who started building pyramids in ancient Egypt. Continue your day tour to Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, where the colossal statue of Ramses II and the great Alabaster Sphinx date back to 3100 B.C. Your tour finishes with drop off at Cairo International Airport.


Stop 1

Giza Pyramids

Stop by the Great Pyramid of King Cheops, The Pyramids of the Queens, the Panorama spot for photos, and the Great Sphinx

Stop 2

Saqqara Archeological Site

Stop by the Complex of King Djoser, Imhotep Museum, Titi Pyramid & Ma-jemni Tomb.

Stop 3


Memphis Museum

Door to door transfers
Private air-conditioned modern vehicle
Private tour guide Egyptologist
Mineral bottled water
Egyptian local food/lunch

Gratuities/tipping (optional – recommended)

  1. :

    superbly organized.
    “I can’t recommend them enough. I got into Cairo on a 12-hour layover at 2:00 AM. By 3:15 Hani and his driver were meeting me at the airport. For the next five hours we strolled through lovely downtown Cairo & over the Nile, wandered through (friendly, well-organized) Tahrir Square, toured the Bazaar at dawn to marvel at the graceful architecture, and had a typical breakfast at a sidewalk tea shop. By 8:00am we were at Saqqara for its opening, and so wandered through temples and pyramids with perhaps a half dozen other tourists–AND got to see fields and town life in Egypt. Back into Cairo by 9:30 for the obligatory “Big Stop” at all the pyramids at Giza, and the Sphinx. Hani knew all the right places to stop. When I mentioned on the trip back I’d like a souvenir he even ran us into a very fine Papayrus shop and negotiated a price for me that was less than half the asking price. And still I was back to the airport by noon!

    I will happily return to fascinating Cairo for a longer stay, but I feel I got a thorough taste of it in this well-run 9 hours. I learned a lot from my knowledeable guide, but two things impressed me the most about this company: (1) I never felt rushed–stopping, strolling, drinking tea were all part of the trip because Hani (I’m sure) kept a vigilant eye on the time and continually adjusted as needed all the while maintaining a sense that nothing was rushed–and also because he and the driver had a seamless system of drop-off/pick-up that allowed plenty of time to walk and a ride the minute it was needed. And (2) I always felt safe. Indeed, Hani had emailed to reassure me that yes, pre-dawn walks through Cairo as a middle-aged woman solo traveler were perfectly fine (and he was right!) In short, we saw a lot, in a vibrant and changing city, beginning before it was light, in a short period of time, and yet the overall feeling of it all was a casual stroll with a friend.

    The price is wonderful for such a thorough–and thoroughly well-run and enjoyable–tour. If you’re considering (as I was) just staying in the airport and waiting for your plane, please do yourself–and Egypt–a favor and get out and see it.”

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