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You can easily stay in Cairo as the main destination of your trip, and still be able to see a lot of the Egypt's sightseeing and attractions even in the desert of Egypt. From Cairo you can do separate day trips to many destinations in the desert to see the wonders of the lost world that existed on Egypt millions of years ago!

Wadi El-Hitan is one of the most attractive spots in the western desert. we arrange a full day trip from Cairo to Wadi El-Hitan, the trip starts from your address in Cairo as a pick up point which could be your home, a hotel you are staying in, or even an office you work for, when apply for a trip with us, you are kindly asked to send us your address details for the pick up and drop-off at the end of the day. the trip to Wadi El-Hitan starts at 7:30 and we will drop you off at your address by 17:00.

If you wish to see the white desert, unfortunately this can not be seen in one day, as the road is almost 400 k.m from Cairo to Bahariya and then another 120 k.m from Bahariya to the white desert, that makes the White desert visit possible just in two day and one night camping. However, we can arrange a full day trip to the Bahariya oases from Cairo upon your request!



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