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3 Nights Nile Cruise from Aswan Include Abu Simbel

3 Nights Nile Cruise from Aswan Include Abu Simbel

3 Nights Nile Cruise from Aswan Include Abu Simbel

Price: from: 400$

Price from: 400$

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Enjoy 3 nights Nile cruise from Aswan include Abu Simbel to visit the best temples & tombs back to the ancient Egyptians. Book Now!

Cruise Details

Details of the 3 Nights Nile Cruise from Aswan Include Abu Simbel

  • Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Cruise Location: Luxor / Aswan / Edfu / Kom Ombo / Abu Simbel
  • Cruise Schedule: Wednesdays / Fridays
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Aswan/Luxor
  • Cruise Type: Private

Fantastic 3 Nights Nile River Cruise from Aswan with Abu Simbel

Go on an exciting adventure through ancient history while traveling on one of our exclusive super 5* Nile cruises. Discover the wonders of ancient Egypt in Aswan and Luxor through this fascinating 3 Nights Nile Cruise from Aswan including Abu Simbel. You can tour Abu Simbel and other outstanding monuments from ancient Egypt in just three nights. Discover Aswan’s must-see attractions and let the grandeur of the renowned Abu Simbel temple sweep you away. You will finally settle in Luxor, close to the splendors of the holy Karnak temple and the seductive Valley of the Kings if you follow the Nile’s waters toward the powerful temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu. You can relive the ancestor tales shown on the heavenly temples and graves here. Reserve your wonders trip, journey down the Nile of the immortals, and save your wonderful memories.

Cruise Highlights

Luxor City Highlights

Aswan City Highlights

Cruise Inclusions

  • Pick up service from Aswan and your drop off in Luxor.
  • Accommodation on 5* Deluxe Nile Cruise for 3 nights.
  • Entrance fees to all the indicated sites in the itinerary.
  • Egyptologist tour guide during your tours.
  • All trips and transfers by modern air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • All services, charges, and taxes.

Cruise Exclusions

Cruise Itinerary

Detailed itinerary of the 3 Nights Nile Cruise from Aswan including Abu Simbel

Day 1: Begin your Cruise and See the Highlights of Aswan: The finest of Aswan will be explored in the morning when one of our multilingual Egyptologists picks you up from your hotel or anywhere else you want in Aswan in a contemporary air-conditioned van.

Aswan High Dam: Aswan Dam was built in the 1960s with assistance from the Soviet Union to protect Egypt from flooding, regulate and store them, and generate energy in the process. It is one of the few contemporary attractions in Aswan.

The Unfinished Obelisk: The damaged Obelisk of Hatshepsut (1508-1458 BC), which was planned to stand at the entrance to the Karnak temple at a total height of 42 m, is one of the most terrible incidents in the history of ancient Egypt.

Temple of Philae: Isis, the goddess of maternity and healing, was the wife of Osiris, the king of the underworld, and the Philea Temple is like a stone open book that reveals the whole history of this figure. The temple was the last of its sort to be constructed in Egypt during the Ptolemaic era, which lasted from 380 to 360 BC.

We’ll take you on a 5-star luxury Nile cruise so you may check-in, have lunch there, and spend the night there. Lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 2: Explore Abu Simbel and go by boat to Kom Ombo: You will eat your breakfast boxes in the early morning before being driven by your knowledgeable tour guide in a contemporary A/C vehicle to see:

Abu Simbel Temples: Ramses the Great (1292-1186 BC) built Abu Simbel, the largest temple ever built, near the southernmost point of his territory in 1200 BC to commemorate his many accomplishments, particularly victories like the Battle of Kadesh. His wife Nefertari’s temple is located next to the second temple.

Your lunch will be provided there, and the Nile cruise will set sail while you spend the night on board. We will then transport you back to it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the meals.

Day 3: Visit the Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples: After breakfast on board, you will be driven in a contemporary A/C car on a guided tour to:

Temple of Kom Ombo: The crocodile Sobek’s two temples, which have a distinctive design and are visible to everybody, was built in 205 BC and 180 BC.

After that, return to your cruise ship and have a fantastic lunch as you go into Edfu. When you get there, a horse-drawn carriage will take you to see:

Temple of Edfu: To commemorate the location where Horus and his uncle Set battled in a titanic conflict, the huge temple of the falcon sky deity Horus, known as the “Edfu Temple,” was built between 237 and 27 BC.

Return to your Nile boat, keep traveling past Esna to Luxor, and arrive in Luxor after midnight. On the cruise ship for the night. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the meals.

Day 4: From Aswan, finish your three-night Nile cruise while taking in the treasures of Luxor: Having breakfast on board, check out before being driven to Luxor’s east and west banks to explore the attraction by your Egyptologist:

The Kings’ Valley: The kings and queens of the New Kingdom (1570–1070 BC) were buried in the center of a mountain in stunning tombs that might number up to 20 royal ones. These tombs were decorated with brilliant artwork and decorations, golden jewels, and the likes of Seti I, Tutankhamun, and other well-known figures.

Temple of Hatshepsut: The Hatshepsut Temple was built during her reign, from 1479 BC to 1458 BC, to display his mighty might, distinguished heritage, and, most significantly, the exquisiteness of the classical building style of the time.

Memnon’s Colossi: The sole monument in Luxor that is not locally manufactured was constructed in Cairo during the reign of Amenhotep III (1368–1350 BC) and transported 700 kilometers to the city’s entrance.

We’ll have lunch at a reputable restaurant before going to see:

Temple of Karnak: The Karnak temple complex, which lies near Luxor, is one of the oldest complete and well-preserved buildings in human history. From 2055 BC until 100 AD, it served as the primary place where ancient Egyptians worshipped their deities. It is similar to a stone archive that displays every facet of ancient Egyptian religious life.

Your three-night Nile boat vacation will come to a close when you are delivered to your hotel in Luxor or another location of your choosing. Breakfast and lunch are provided.


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