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Egypt destinations come in a variety of forms and sizes, allowing the tourist a variety of lovely locations in which they could spend a whole vacation. This page contains information about the history and culture of Egypt, as well as how to find and enjoy the beauty and greatness of each city in the country, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheik, and El Gouna. Since 1999, Egypt Fun Tours has amassed the knowledge and principles necessary for our current and future clients to fully enjoy the finest vacation experience possible. The travel agency is honored to have the finest staff of tour guides, tour operators, drivers, and customer service representatives, as well as several dedicated travel constants who will provide the most appropriate accommodations, Nile River cruises, transportation, and anything else you could possibly request in an instant. Egypt Fun Tours earned its excellent reputation through strict booking procedures, safety guidelines, and fair COVID-19 cancellation policies, which resulted in the company receiving numerous awards, including being certified by Tripadvisor as the Travelers’ Choice in Egypt for 2021 and numerous other accolades. Take advantage of everything Egypt has to offer and turn your fantasy holiday into a reality.

Western Desert Oases - Egypt Fun Tours

Egyptian Western Desert Oases

The Nile Valley and Delta, known as the “Black Land” because of the color of its rich alluvial deposits, were the beginning and end of

Egypt Nile Cruises - Egypt Fun Tours

The Nile River In Egypt

The Nile River has been Egypt’s major artery of transportation and communication, as well as a source of fertility and riches, throughout history. The river

Memphis Tours

Memphis City

The History of Ancient Egyptian Memphis City The narrative of a city whose history is intertwined with that of ancient Egypt itself. Memphis, also known

Islamic Cairo Day Tour

Cairo City

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Cairo City’s Overview For thousands of years, Cairo has served as an infinite time capsule, a protector, and a

Luxor and Aswan climate

Luxor and Aswan Climate

The weather is one of the most significant factors, if not the most crucial, of a holiday in Luxor and Aswan, as picking the right

Luxor City

Luxor City

Luxor translates to “The Palaces” in Arabic, and it was formerly known as “The City of Hundred Gates.” Many believe it to be the world’s

Aswan City

Aswan City

Aswan Overview There are numerous cities in Egypt, but only Aswan can really depict Egypt’s rich history, beauty, and culture. During ancient times, it served as

Alexandria city

Alexandria City

Alexandria is known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean.” The city of Alexandria played the most important part in ancient history since it was linked

Hurghada - Egypt Fun Tours


Hurghada has everything the heart and soul seek. The Red Sea is full of enchantment and wonders, capable of providing the perfect tropical holiday, and

Top cities to visit in Egypt

Top Cities to Visit in Egypt

Egypt’s Top Cities to Visit in 2021 Egypt top tourist cities are magnificent, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the country’s history, culture, and natural

El Gouna - Egypt Fun Tours

El Gouna

El Gouna is a magnificent tourist destination located along the red sea’s heavenly lagoons and shores. The objective of this article is to provide every

Marsa Alam - Egypt Fun Tours

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a magnificent gateway to incredible adventure and the pinnacle of serenity. The red sea is a true slice of heaven, brimming with

Safaga - Egypt Fun Tours


Safaga Port is the ideal destination for those looking for the ultimate adventure in a short amount of time. The main purpose of this article

Sharm El-Sheikh City - Egypt Fun Tours

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh – a Resort Town in Egypt. Sharm El Sheik is considered one of Egypt’s most gorgeous locations and a true slice of

Makadi Bay Near Hurghada - Egypt Fun Tours

Makadi Bay near Hurghada

A coastal city on the gorgeous red sea shoreline reflects the most compelling image of tropical beauty, complete with an incredible amount of great activities

Sinai Peninsula

Sinai Peninsula

A biblical region lies in the shadow of the heavens, sandwiched between two huge seas that formed humanity’s fate. The Sinai Peninsula is a wonderland

Red Sea Facts and History

The Red Sea

History and Facts about the Red Sea The Red Sea’s maximum breadth is 355 kilometers, its maximum length is 2,250 kilometers, and its water volume

Ancient Thebes

Ancient Thebes

Luxor initially appears in Egyptian historical records during the 11th dynasty, specifically during the reign of King Mentohotep. The ancient city of Thebes, which served

Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna is a town in the Suez Governorate, situated on the western bank of the Gulf of Suez on the Red Sea, approximately 55

Saint Catherine City

Saint Catherine City

Saint Catherine city is a magical jewel perched atop a mountain ridge beneath the shadow of Sinia’s sacred gigantic granite pillars. It is one of

El Minya City

El Minya City

With its location along the Nile Valley in the heart of Egyptian territory, it is one of the most attractive cities in Upper Egypt. Because

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Here are some of our Egypt private tours and Egypt Nile Cruises if you prefer to experience a magnificent journey through the Land of Pharaohs, explore the treasures of Egyptian Pharaohs in lower and upper Egypt, and spend recreational time in the best resorts such as Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, and other Egypt resorts. Take advantage of Egypt Fun Tours’s experience to enjoy “A Trip to Remember.”

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