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Learn Belly Dance

Egypt Fun Tours now offers entertainment as part of your wonderful visit that will be fun for the whole family! Ladies, if you ever wanted to learn how to move your body to the mesmerizing melodies of the Middle East, now is your chance! Enjoy Belly Dance lessons between tours and destinations, and surprise your significant other with your new delicious moves! Children are welcome!

 As for the Gentlemen, we have not forgotten about you! We also provide music lessons for traditional Egyptian instruments, such as the Oud and Tabla! Learn about the exciting rhythms of the Middle East, as well as the history behind Egypt’s beautiful dance form – Raks Sharqui (Belly Dance). Our certified dance and music instructor will be there to offer:
* Morning Aerobic Dance Workout Classes
* Children’s Dance Classes
* Music Class: Turbo Tabla
* Technique Classes: Shimmy Shakedown
* Technique Classes: Snake Charmer
* GALA SHOW featuring professional artists and guests where
you can show off your new skills!

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