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But let our customers tell you:
Hi Hamada Hussein,
I would like to thank you for your outstanding service. You are very kind to us
Everyone in our group tour was very happy and we have appreciated your help and everything especially you’re honest.
Your arrangement for our group tour to Luxor and Cairo was excellent.

I also want to make a compliment about your website, It has a lot of details that we need.
I will certainly recommend all tourists especially Thai people who want to go to Egypt to contact you on your website and I will give you 5 stars
for good services and honesty which is the most important thing for the tourist.
I also attach some of our photos of our group tour for you
U may put this recommendation and  our photo on your website too if u like to

Thank you again

Kalyanad U-yen and family
The US.Energy Engineer group

“When the bus broke down at the lunch stop, we were afraid our Banff vacation was ruined. But your wonderful staff had a new bus before lunch was over. You saved the day!”

  • Matjaz Bratus

Hi Hamada,
I just wanted to let you know we returned home safely. And also to thank you once again for providing us with a wonderful window into your people and a culture that other tours just do not do! I hope all is well with you and your family!
Best Wishes
United States
New York

“Hamada and his crew were fun, energetic, and informative.  I would highly recommend their touring services. They made our cruise to Egypt well worth it.  If you are looking for a fun way to get to learn all you can about Egypt, Hamada and his crew are definitely the team to hire! “
Theresa Wade
Orlando Florida

Hello Hamada,
I want to thank you and Yasser for being our guides and cannot tell you how much we enjoyed Egypt. (I forgot the driver’s name)  We want to come back again and tour Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.  We will let you know so that we can request you for our guide.  You guys worked so hard for us and took much time away from your families which we most greatly appreciated.  Whenever you are in Florida and you bring your family to Orlando to Disney World let us know and we will return the favor.

One thing I learned from visiting your country is that we are all people no matter where you go in the world going through the same struggles and situations.  We love our families, we want the best for them, we want a better life, we want to appreciate others’ customs and lifestyles, and we all are really part of one race, the human race.  Not one nationality or race of people are better than any other and we should all respect our differences and learn to appreciate our differences. If more people especially Americans traveled more then maybe we would not have the ignorance and the discrimination we currently have in our society.  Sometimes I am ashamed of the attitudes of the Western people. I am glad I got to visit your “neck of the woods” as we say in America.  I hope you will get to visit us soon.
I have enclosed some pictures from our trip to your country.  You are in a couple of these as well as Yasser.
Theresa Wade
Realtor Sales Executive
Stirling Sothebys International Realty
Serving Central Florida and the Beaches

We decided to go to Cairo and after internet research, we hired Hamada Hussein as our guide.
We had 2 days to spend and hiring a native guide was the best thing we could ever do. A previous plan was made in advance so we had the opportunity to know the most interesting sights of the city in good peace.
The time we spent together was great so I recommend him for sure.
Thanks, Mohamed,
Marco Paschoalin

Dear Hamada,
We want to thank you for the good care you took of us on our trip to Cairo. We had such a great time and it was all because of the wonderful tour we had with you, a couple of photos are attached, hope they come out ok. Best wishes to you and your family
Kind regards,
Peter, Janis, and Jack Hawken

wanted to thank you one more time for the great time you have given us in Egypt. It was the most interesting port of call on our trip and you had played a very important part in it.
Getting back to the ship proved to be a hair-raising experience, as they say in America. We got stuck in the terrible traffic entering Alexandria and did not move for about 45 minutes. Our driver was really incredible and during the last 10 minutes of our trip, he was flying through the streets of Alexandria. Unfortunately, the guards at the port did not let him drive us to the ship. Therefore, we had to run across the bridge and made it with about 5 minutes to spare!
As you can imagine, we have had a lot of laughs, but only after we boarded the ship!
I am attaching one photo of yourself with Elena. Somehow, I could not copy my images to the CD. The laptop gave me an error message after writing to the CD and did not recognize the CD from that point on. I will post the best photos on my website www.yasno.com and will let you know when they are available. In the meantime, you are welcome to see my other albums and read my stories.
Feel free to write back. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.
Best regards,
Igor Yasno

Apart from formalities, the tour company settles all the other issues related to the trip – transport, accommodation, meals, sights to see, etc, so you don’t have to worry about anything. But, of course, you can actively participate in discussing each particular item. As a result, you’ll have this trip made your own way, but with no headache at all.
The company I did my fantastic Bahariya Oasis and the Desert tour also offers trips to Siwa. Contact them to discuss your requirements and ideas:
Company: Egypt Fun Tours
Contact person: Hamada Hussein

One of the first things we did (Jan 12-14/2010) was a trip to Bahariya oasis and to the White Desert. After e-mail back-and-forths with about 5 agencies, we settled on Egypt Fun Tours — mostly because they were pretty responsive and adaptable, and because they were recommended to me in a PM from TripAdvisor user Cora_v.
Conclusion first (so you don’t have to read any further): We had a good time, and overall things went pretty well. Our guide, Hani Ahmed, was a pleasant guy whose English is fine (although he has the habit of repeating everything to make sure you understand — something I sometimes do myself). Besides his guiding services on this trip, he gave us a large number of useful tips for the DIY remainder of our Egypt trip — what to see in Luxor, what the price of silver jewelry should be, etc. I certainly give them a solid recommendation.
In retrospect, there are things I would have done differently. This paragraph doesn’t reflect on Hani or Egypt Fun Tours but should be taken as ideas for anyone planning a similar trip. Some of the stuff in Bahariya isn’t worth seeing (IMHO) — in particular, I’m thinking of the Temple of Alexander and Gebel Dist (Pyramid Mountain). The Golden Mummies are very worth seeing. The oasis itself is also interesting, being so different from anything here (in the USA). On the way to and from the White Desert, the Crystal “mountain” is barely worth looking at, and the Black Desert isn’t much better. Instead, I would spend more time at the White Desert itself — it would have been great to have time to spend several hours hiking around among the weird stone monoliths. It is in the cool part of the year, daytime heat wasn’t an issue.
Back to the trip report: The 4×4 that was used, owned, and driven by a Bawiti resident named Sameer, was not exactly in the best shape. The starter motor was pretty cranky — the truck had to be push-started at least twice. And we had 2 tire blowouts on the paved road on the way to the White Desert. These flats cost us at least an hour since we had to wait for the second spare tire to arrive on another 4×4 that was coming along later than we were (cell phones are handy!). As a result, we only arrived at the White Desert right at sunset — which was a significant disappointment — as I said, the more time at the stone toadstools, the better.
The next day, to make it up to us (and more importantly, to try to repair his business relation with Hani), Sameer invited us to lunch at his house in Bahariya. This was interesting, as we got to see a little of how people live there — the date palm grove and other farming stuff, the houses themselves, and so on. The most amusing thing was that we found out why the truck hadn’t been fixed up — Sameer had left it to his cousin to do since his second wife in Giza wanted something the day before, so he had gone into Cairo, and the cousin hadn’t actually done anything — which also explained why Sameer was yelling at him when we picked up the truck. The situation also goes to show that in Egypt, when you ask if a man is married, the answer “yes” isn’t the end of it — you have to follow up with “how many wives?” — for me, I’m used to “are you married?” is a True/False question, not a multiple-choice question.
In my opinion, the loss of time in the White Desert was partly compensated for by this view of life in Bawiti that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. My wife was angrier at the situation, but she eventually calmed down. And the 2 wives’ story we’ll be telling for a while to come.
I liked Hani, and don’t hesitate to recommend him and his organization. As I said, I’d do some things differently, but it’s not likely we’ll ever go back to the White Desert. I think that they should cut a few things out of the standard oasis tour, and instead organize some kind of home visit to see how people live there — that was far more interesting than the Temple of Alexander — it’s a different way of life. And include more time at the White Desert itself!

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