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Top 7 Things To Do In Luxor at Night

It’s easy to find things to do in Luxor at night because the city offers a variety of interesting activities to do. The goal of this post is to provide all of the information on the greatest things to do in Luxor at night to every guest. All of the facts and insights in this post were contributed by a variety of fantastic tour operators, tour guides, and travel advisors who are well-versed in all of the greatest nighttime activities in Luxor.

The city with a hundred entrances Luxor has long been one of the most historically significant and most visited places on the planet, thanks to an incredible number of enchanting monuments and heavenly artifacts that glow in the colors of paradise, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s history in the most memorable way.

Here you’ll discover all you need to know about spending a night in Luxor, where an unlimited supply of amazing memories awaits you within the city’s gates:

Luxor temple at night - Top 7 things to do at night in Luxor - Egypt Fun Tours

1. Enjoy A Tour of Luxor Temple by Night

A gem glows in the moonlight beneath the sparking of countless suns on the Nile's east bank. Luxor Temple is like an open book composed of stone etched with magnificent symbols that depict ancient Egypt's lengthy history. The most captivating vision of ancient Egyptian culture may be found in this southern sanctuary, which is surrounded by lights and noises from Paradise and serves as a bridge to ancient days when everything is dazzling like the sun.

Horse carriage in Luxor

2. At night, ride a horse carriage down the Corniche in Luxor.

The essence of allure resides behind the serene and tranquil character of the moon, which can be explored by taking an incredible horse carriage trip around Luxor's environs, which will make you feel as if you've transported back in time to see the best instances of grandeur and beauty. It's only a horse carriage ride away from feeling the warmth and charm of Luxor.

Karnak Sound and light show

3. Take in the Sound and Light At Night, a Show of Karnak Temples

When the magical moonlight covers the holy landmark of the Karnak temple, a magical and spiritual experience occurs as everything comes to life and poetic narration of a 4000-year-old history begins under the influence of poetic narration by statues of great structures to famous rulers like Ramses the Great and dirties like Amun, Osiris, Ptah, and more, which showcases how everything in Egypt came to exist.

Shopping in Luxor at Night

4. At night, go shopping in Luxor.

Luxor's shopping experience is especially memorable at night when you'll see a new Luxor due to the abundance of enchantingly crafted artifacts, souvenirs, and anything else you could want, all of which are available in markets and bazaars throughout the city at high quality and affordable prices, allowing you to immortalize your time in this city of heaven.

Dinner Cruise - Egypt Fun Tours

5. Enjoy a Dinner Cruise at the Nile View in Luxor

A taste of heaven awaits onboard a dinner Nile cruise where you will taste the most delicious cuisines that have existed in Egypt for ages under the moonlight while cruising on the Nile river and watching all the immortal monuments come to life along with an awesome belly dancing show with a folklore band playing some Egyptian songs and music featuring a mesmerizing Tannoura spin.

Felucca at night in Luxor -Egypt Fun Tours

6. On a felucca, sail the Nile River beneath a lovely starry sky.

Boarding a private felucca, where every tourist may view the attraction and majesty of the city of a hundred doors from the divine Nile River, is one of the most enchanting things to do in Luxor. The felucca will make every time spent in the city feel more magical, giving you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Luxor's exquisite ambiance beneath a starry sky.

Luxor Museum Exterior

7. Explore Luxor Museum at Night.

The Luxor Museum, which was established in 1975, houses artifacts from Thebes, which is now known as ancient Luxor, and is home to a number of necropoleis, the majority of which are found in the Valley of the Kings. The cow-goddess head from Tutankhamun's tomb, the red granite head of Amenhotep III, and a wall of 283 painted sandstone blocks from a destroyed temple at Karnak for Amenhotep IV are among the finest structures and artifacts ever constructed, all of which are now in the Luxor Museum.

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