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Half-Day Tour to Saqqara & Memphis

Half Day Tour to Saqqara & Memphis - Egypt Fun Tours
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Private guided tour to Saqqara & Memphis. Tour Step pyramid complex, Imhotep museum, nobles tombs, Unas pyramid. & Memphis open-air Museum. Door to door transfer.


  • Entrance fees
  • Private Egyptologist tour guide
  • All tours and transfers
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Mineral bottled water
  • Air-conditioned modern vehicle for all tours and transfers


  • Tipping ( recommended - optional)

Tour Details:

  • Duration: From 7 To 9 Hours
  • Location: Saqqara & Memphis
  • Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pick up and drop off: Your Hotel
  • Tour Type: Private

Tour of Saqqara and Memphis for half a day

Collection from the hotel. Transferring with a private tour guide to Saqqara and Memphis A half-day tour takes you to the Step pyramid complex, the Imhotep museum, the nobles’ tombs, the Unas pyramid, and Memphis, where you can see the Ramses II colossus and the Alabaster Sphinx in the open-air museum there. After that, we drop off at the hotel.

Featured in this Tour:

  • Saqqara Archeological Site
  • Step Pyramid complex of King Djoser
  • Imhotep Museum
  • Pyramid of King Titi
  • Tomb of Noble Kagemni
  • Memphis village
  • Memphis open-air Museum


After breakfast or lunch, pick up by a private Egyptologist tour guide and start the trip to Saqqara, visit Saqqara with the private guide and tour the step pyramid complex of King Djoser which is the largest monument in Saqqara, tour the Imhotep museum was the architect of the step pyramid which is the very first pyramid built in mankind history. Proceed to the noble tombs of Ka-Gemini and get inside the pyramid of Titi.

Continue your tours to Memphis which was the capital city of ancient Egypt during the old kingdom, and visit the open-air museum of Memphis to see the colossus of King Ramses II and the Alabaster Sphinx.

Transfer you back to the hotel and drop you off.


Stop 1: Saqqara Archeological Site

Saqqara site is the largest ancient site in Egypt with 28 Pyramids, and tens of ancient tombs and temples, it has also the largest underground Serapium which is a large tomb for the bull god Serapis.

Stop 2: Imhotep Museum

It is a small Museum that accommodates pieces collected from the Saqqara site. The Museum is about and named after Imhotep who was the architect who built the Step Pyramid complex which is the oldest stone structure in the history of mankind. Imhotep was a genius and was later identified as the god of medicine by the Greeks in Egypt.

Stop 3: The Step Pyramid Complex

It is the funeral complex of King Djoser the founder of the 3rd Dynasty. The complex has the Step Pyramid, the House of the north, the house of the south, and the southern tomb, as well as the HepSet courtyard.

Day 4: The noble Tombs & Titi Pyramid

The tomb of Ka-Gemini, a nobleman from the old kingdom. The tomb’s walls are covered with daily life scenes from ancient Egypt, and it is rich in details and info about ancient Egyptian life. We will get inside the Pyramid of Titi to see one of the earliest versions of the Book Of the Dead.

Price is quoted in USD per person

  • 2-4 people 79$ USD
  • 5-9 people 59$ USD
  • 10-15 people 49$ USD
Half-Day Tour to Saqqara & Memphis
Half-Day Tour to Saqqara & Memphis
from: 49$ 80$
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