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Tomb of Tutankhamun Replica & Carter’s House

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Tutankhamun’s Tomb Replica & the House of Lord Howard Carter

During the protracted hunt for Tutankhamun’s tomb, Carter made his home in this humble mud-brick dwelling. In the garden, you can also see an identical copy of Tutankhamun’s Tomb from the Valley of the Kings.

The burial chamber of the tomb replica is an identical duplicate of the original, even down to the dust. It was designed as an experiment in modern preservation by the Factum Foundation for Digital Conservation in conjunction with Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.

Millions of tourists visit Egypt each year to see the country’s Pharaonic tombs and temples, but their tread into the delicate environment of the tombs is severely damaging them. Come here to be amazed by how accurate the reproduction is, and think about how copies like this may be utilized to assist preserve original places in the future. You’re unable to tell the difference.

Carter’s House has been renovated, with the rooms arranged up as they would have been when he lived there, and the walls are covered with intriguing black-and-white pictures chronicling his work. The location is on the main West Bank road, right before the turnoff to Seti I’s Mortuary Temple.

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