Ancient Egyptian Jobs

October 4, 2021

Throughout ancient Egypt’s long history, which dates back at least 3000 years BCE., there were many different ancient Egyptian Jobs and occupations available. One of the first job titles to emerge dates back to the first Egyptian dynasty, just after writing had been invented. As long as the Roman Empire lasted, people continued to hold positions of authority and mention them in their tombs, as well as on a stone tablet that was generally put in or near their graves. To this end, many ancient Egyptian structures, temples, and sculptures bear titles inscribed with the work or duties of the person who once owned them. As ancient Egypt’s culture developed, so did the variety and number of jobs available, indicating the evolution of Egypt’s political and managerial institutions from antiquity. Titles denote a person’s formal roles within the state as well as their lifetime contributions to society. It was a source of self-worth in life, as well as a way to ensure one’s own resurrection and entry into the afterlife.

List of Ancient Egyptian Jobs

The following is a comprehensive list of ancient Egypt’s most significant government positions. Many of these titles have been cited only a few times, but a handful have been referenced many times, and that is what we provide in that list. These titles were very significant in the management of the ancient Egyptian state, and they shed light on ancient Egypt’s social structure and political system, as well as its evolution over time.

  1. County Administrator or Estate Administrator
  2. bearer of the Royal seals
  3. The High Priest
  4. The great reciter of the temple
  5. Chief of the Royal court
  6. Mayor of the city
  7. Prince (Old Egypt), Governorate Director
  8. Mayor of West Thebes
  9. Mayor of Thebes
  10. Governor of Byblos (a city in today’s Lebanon)
  11. Patron of selves in Nekhen
  12. God’s priest / Servant of God
  13. Amon’s wife
  14. The first servant of Amon
  15. Silos overseer
  16. Rower head; sea captain
  17. Vice Presidency of the House
  18. Beholder of wealth; Prime Minister
  19. Chairman of the Board
  20. Chief seal bearers
  21. Manager of all Pharaoh’s business
  22. Army Chief (Commander in Chief)
  23. City mayor
  24. Chief servant of the king
  25. House manager, farm manager
  26. Prince of the House of Wealth
  27. Palace Wealth Management Manager
  28. Gatekeepers captain
  29. Head of the edifices in southern Egypt
  30. Western Sahara manager
  31. Prince of Shonten
  32. Prince of catering of Amun
  33. The chief scribe inside the great wall
  34. Requisition Supervisor
  35. Elite member
  36. High-ranked Priest
  37. Column of elders (Deputy high priest)
  38. Maid of the King (preparing clothes for Pharaoh)
  39. Prince (King’s son)
  40. Governor of Nuba
  41. King’s Tomb Catering Manager
  42. King’s Samir & his best friend
  43. The first friend
  44. The Royal scribe
  45. The king’s scepter holder
  46. Tayati (Minister)
  47. The King’s son, (wearing leopard skin)
  48. One of the top ten
  49. General manager of craftsmen
  50. General manager of craftsmen in the two houses
  51. Prince of Nuba

Ancient Egyptian Iconic Figures

Those closest to the king had the potential to occupy numerous posts at once. Imhotep, during King Djoser’s reign, was one of several significant figures in ancient Egyptian history who held numerous positions of authority. The Egyptian architect Imhotep designed and built the step pyramid, Egypt’s oldest pyramid. The genius was also King Djoser’s royal scribe, palace supervisor, royal carpenter, physician, high priest, and prime minister. The finest way to see Imhotep’s museum, go inside King Djoser’s pyramid, and learn about the splendor of Ancient Egypt’s central government is to take a Nile river cruise with one of our Egypt vacation packages.

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