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14 Day Solo Woman Tour Package to Egypt

Let us show you the wonders of Egypt

14 Day Solo Woman Tour Package to Egypt

Price: from: 2000$

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Price from: 2000$

Enjoy 14 days Solo Woman journey to Egypt and discover best attractions of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria and Hugrhada. Read more!!!

Tour Details

  • Duration: 14-Day Solo Woman Tour / 13 Night
  • Tour Location: Giza – Cairo – Alexandria- Luxor – Edfu – Kom Ombo – Aswan -Hurghada
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Cairo Airport
  • Tour Type: Private

Touring Cairo, Hurghada, and the Nile for a 14-day Solo Woman Tour Package

You’ll be able to organize the greatest expedition ever with the best tour guides, who will show you the splendor of Egypt’s attractions over the course of the 14-day Solo Woman Tour Package in the Land of the Pharaohs. You may leave the outside world behind with us and retrace the paths of the amazing ancient Egyptian queens. You will enjoy a leisurely tour of the wonderful city of Hurghada, go on a sightseeing tour of Egypt’s landmarks, and get the best opportunity ever to partake in some exhilarating water sports. So look over our timetable and start making reservations right now for that amazing 14-day Solo Woman Tour Package.

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

Luxor Highlights

Luxor Highlights

Alexandria Highlights

Tour Inclusions

  • Meet and assist you upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport.
  • Domestic flight tickets from Cairo to Hurghada.
  • Domestic flight tickets from Luxor to Cairo.
  • Meals as mentioned on each day tour of your itinerary
  • 5 nights accommodation at a 5* hotel in Cairo based on Bed & Breakfast.
  • 4 nights accommodation at a 5* hotel in Hurghada based on all-inclusive.
  • 4 nights accommodation at a 5* deluxe Nile Cruise on Full-Board Basis.
  • Snorkeling Excursion.
  • Desert Safari Excursion.
  • A Professional Tour Guide will be with you during the whole of your tour.
  • All Transfers will be in a modern A.C vehicle.
  • The tour price includes all services, charges, and taxes.

Tour Exclusions

  • International Flight Tickets
  • Tipping “Feel free to give the amount of gratitude that you want to give”
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything not included in your tour itinerary
  • Any optional Tours.

Tour Itinerary

Detailed itinerary of the 14-day Solo Woman Tour Package

Day 1: Arrival at Cairo (Begin your 14-Day Solo Woman Tour)

Upon your arrival at Cairo Airport, you will meet our representative who will be there for you holding a sign of Egypt Fun Tours and he will be with you on each step until you get the necessary permission to enter the country once everything is done, you will meet your tour guide outside the terminal. She will take you in a private modern car with a professional driver and both will transfer you to your hotel. You will have a smooth check-in once you reach the hotel and you will spend some time relaxing there before the evening as your tour guide will come again to pick you up to head on a remarkable adventure towards Giza where you are going to attend: The Sound & Light Show is the most interesting show to attend on the first day of your arrival and through that show, you will collect lots of interesting facts regarding ancient Egyptian life and how the ancients managed to establish all of their fabulous attractions all around Egypt. Listen to the stories that will be narrated by the Sphinx and enjoy your delicious dinner meal at a local restaurant after the show. After finishing your dinner, you will be transferred to your hotel to spend a lovely night in front of a really fanciful view.

Day 2: Giza Pyramids Tour: On the morning of the second day for you in Egypt, you will take your breakfast that will be served at your hotel and once you finish it, you will meet your tour guide who will accompany you to visit the most interesting sites ever in Egypt including:

Giza Pyramids Complex: Enjoy a tour of the majestic Pyramid of Khufu which is located in the Giza Complex it is considered all over the world to be the last remaining wonder of the ancient world because of its great size and the amount of effort & time it takes to be built and there are also two other pyramids in the complex that belongs to the son and the grandson of king Khufu and those are the most famous attractions ever in Giza and all over the universe.

The Great Sphinx: Another famous attraction that you are going to find in the complex is the mythical sculpture of the Sphinx which was constructed during the reign of King Khafre such a famous statue has so many secrets to narrate to its visitors and understand the majority of them, you need to listen very carefully to your tour guide.

The Valley Temple: You will then find another famous attraction that belongs to King Khafre and it was used as a mummification & purification site where the bodies of the dead were mummified and get to be ready to enjoy the desired afterlife journey.

After finishing the major highlights in Giza, you will be transferred to a wonderful local restaurant where you will enjoy your lunch and then be transferred to your 5* Hotel.

Day 3: Fly to Hurghada: After enjoying your breakfast meal, you will take your bags, check out your hotel, and then join our driver who is going to transfer you to Cairo Airport so that you manage to take the scheduled flight for you towards Hurghada. Once you arrive at that amazing coastal city, you will meet our rep who will transfer you to your hotel, and there, you will check into the hotel in a very smooth way and overnight.

Day 4: Free Day in Hurghada: Enjoy a wonderful free day in Hurghada City.

Day 5: Snorkeling Excursion: Enjoy our Snorkeling excursion.

Day 6: Desert Safari by Quad: Get ready to have the best Desert Safari Excursion by Quad.

Day 7: Transfer to Luxor + East bank Tour & Check-in on your Nile Cruise: After enjoying the best accommodation ever and the most exciting activities in Hurghada, you will be picked up by one of our professional drivers who will transfer you to Luxor city to start another hypnotic adventure in Upper Egypt once you reach the city, you will find your tour guide waiting for you to show you the major highlights of the city including.

Karnak Temple: You will enjoy there an unforgettable visit to the famous Karnak Complex which has some incredible sanctuaries, pylons, kiosks, and temples that were built to commemorate lots of deities including Amun, Mut, and Khonsu.

You will now be transferred to your Nile Cruise to check in, leave your luggage, enjoy your lunch, and then relax for some time on board before the evening time when your tour guide comes to show you the captivating:

Luxor temple is one of the most elegant temples that were ever been built in ancient Thebes it is considered the largest temple that was built during the New Kingdom of Egypt in 1400 BC and to be more specific during the reign of Amenhotep III and was completed by Tutankhamun.

At the end of your day tour, you will return to your 5* Deluxe Nile Cruise to have your dinner and overnight.

Day 8: A Visit to Luxor’s West Bank: Enjoy another day full of adventure and fun with your Egyptologist guide who is going to take you to the west bank of Luxor where there are so many marvelous sites to visit and enjoy like:

Valley of the Kings: If you are interested in history and in exploring ancient sites that belong to the ancient Pharaohs, you will admire the tour that you are going to enjoy now as you will find lots of royal tombs at the Valley of the Kings that you can visit and explore from the inside by your guide and choose the most interesting ones to visit.

Colossi of Memnon: Amenhotep III wanted to build some amazing pieces of art all around Egypt and his mortuary temple was one of them if it weren’t for its destruction, it was going to be the most visited site on the west bank of Luxor but fortunately, we still have his twin seated statues that you can visit and take pictures with.

Hatshepsut Temple: After that, you will be transferred to the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut who ruled during the 18th dynasty her temple is an astonishing well-preserved temple so as a woman, you will enjoy it a lot and get extra power and positive energy from that site.

Once you finish your tour, you will need to get back to your cruise to have the lunch meal and start a sailing venture towards Edfu. You will overnight on board your cruise.

Day 9: Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples Tour: On the morning of your third day on board the cruise, you will join your tour guide who is going to transfer you in a horse carriage towards

Edfu Temple: Once you reach Edfu temple, your tour guide will start introducing that Ptolemaic temple to you, and it was dedicated to the Horus deity who was the son of Isis & Osiris. It is such an amazing temple and you will have an unforgettable adventure with your tour guide there.

After that, you will get back to your cruise to have your lunch and proceed sailing until reaching

Kom Ombo Temple: There are two temples there in Kom Ombo Temple which were built 180 years ago. One part of the temple belonged to Sobek who was known as the crocodile god and the other one was dedicated to the god Horus, the Falcon-headed god.

Finally, you will be transferred to the Cruise which will have a late sailing towards Aswan city. There, you will spend the night and get ready for another day full of wonderful tours for a solo woman traveler.

Day 10: Aswan Attractions Tour: After having your breakfast, you will need to join your guide to visit Aswan’s great landmarks which are:

The Unfinished Obelisk: You will have a look at the most amazing high dam of Aswan to be built in Egypt that is called the high dam and it is mainly responsible for generating 2.1 MW of clean power and it also has enhanced tourism as it improved navigation at the most and that is why you will enjoy a lot while being there.

Philae temple was the center of the cult of Isis and it is the most fascinating well-preserved temple to be built by the ancients you will check the most fabulous inscriptions on its walls that show the battle that goddess Isis had to face to save the life of her husband, Osiris.

Then, our team will transfer you to the Nile Cruise to enjoy your oriental lunch meal and enjoy the amazing view all around you.

Day 11: Check-out Cruise + Fly Cairo + Cairo Tour: After checking out your Nile Cruise, our driver will give you a ride to Aswan Airport to catch your flight to Cairo, and upon your arrival in Cairo, you will join your guide once more to visit:

The Egyptian Museum: You are now about to enter a place that houses the greatest collection of artifacts, mummies, ancient belongings, coffins, mummies, and amazing treasures so you will be able to tour the Egyptian museum sections and explore more and more about the great history of Egypt.

Enjoy your lunch meal and then continue touring until reaching:

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is the key to fully exploring several rare and incredible artifacts from the rich and diverse culture and history of Egypt that dates to more than 400 years from Pre-historical to Ancient Egyptian Periods, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Islamic, and Contemporary modern times.

Now, the Hanging church will be a suitable time to visit three of the most famous religious attractions in Old Cairo you will start with the Hanging Church which was built over the Babylon fortress Christians consider it the most important church ever built in Egypt.

Ben Ezra Synagogue: Then you will move to the synagogue that was once a big church but the Christians decided to sell it to the Jewish to be able to cover their taxes and that is how it turned out to be a synagogue.

Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque: Before the end of your day tour, you will head to the first and the most incredible mosque that was ever been built in Egypt Amr Ibn El-As Mosque. You can enter whatever your religion is and you will check there a great part of the ancient Islamic architecture.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar: Spend the shopping tour you have always dreamt of and head towards the amazing Khan El-Khalili bazaar and you will find there tens of vendors and sellers who sell all of the most necessary women’s items including jewelry & accessories.

After finishing your day tour, we will transfer you to your hotel to spend your night and get ready for another adventure on the following day.

Day 12: Alexandria Tour: In the morning, you will meet your tour guide after enjoying your breakfast and she is going to transfer you in a private car to Alexandria City which is another hypnotic Egyptian destination with some exceptional attractions to explore including:

Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa: No visit to Egypt is completed without heading to that site that was discovered in 1900 by a donkey and there, at the Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa you will discover the greatest Roman burial site in Egypt. There are three layers of chambers and tombs that you will be amazed by while visiting.

Pompey’s Pillar: This column is very massive that is 30 m and its name is derived from the traveler who witnessed the murder of the Roman General Pompey at the hands of the brother of Queen Cleopatra.

Enjoy a delicious seafood meal at a local restaurant and then continue your tour towards some other wonderful sites including:

Qaitbay Citadel is another breathtaking citadel that was built by the great leader Sultan Qaitbay during the 14th century and it was used to defend Egypt’s ports against the invaders.

Alexandria Library: If you are interested in reading, you won’t even want to leave that library as Alexandria Library is one of the biggest and the most interesting libraries in the Middle East and it doesn’t include only books but other galleries and museums to allow its visitors to explore as much as they can from the history of Egypt.

Finally, we will transfer you to your hotel in Cairo to spend your night.

Day 13: Free Day in Cairo:m Enjoy a free day in Cairo city to tour around & visit the other wonderful highlights of the city on your own.

Day 14: Check-out & End Your 14 Days Solo Woman Tour: In the morning, the breakfast meal is going to be served and after finishing it and based on the timing of your departure flight, we will transfer you towards Cairo airport to manage to catch your departure flight in time and end up your 14 days Solo Woman Tour.

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Prices are quoted in US Dollars per person per trip except during Christmas, New Year & Easter holidays.

Children Policy

0 – 05.99 Free of Charge
6 – 11.99 pay 50% of the tour price
12+ pay full tour price per adult person.
Notes: Child pricing applies to children who share rooms with their parents (Max 2 Children in one Room)

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Egypt offers some of the biggest and most amazing landmarks and attractions in the whole world, making a trip there one of the best choices you will ever make. It is now much simpler to plan a vacation in Egypt than it was in the past since we, as a travel agency, will be honored to help you plan the greatest trip you can imagine, complete with the most alluring tour pricing and the most expertly planned itinerary based on your needs.

What People Say About Us

Thank you Egypt Fun Tours for a most memorable trip. I admit I didn’t do any of the planning (it was all done by my boyfriend) but as you can read in the reviews below Hani (the owner of Egypt Fun Tours) is superbly organized and accommodating with scheduling.

My boyfriend and I, and our dearest mutual friend, booked the 7Days-6Nights tour. In short time, we visited Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor sailing down the down the Nile, pit stopping to see key sites at these location – and so much more!!! We got to know the ancient and modern egypt in depth thanks to Hani’s impressive knowledge. He also enlightened us on the people and their beliefs and went as far as showing us what a typical life looks like. I cannot express the level of personalized service Hani offered us. He was flexible to adapt to our requirements and added sites to our schedule that was not part of the tour simply to ensure we were 100% satisfied with our experience in Egypt.

I went to Egypt practically blind-folded, not knowing what to expect, especially considering the time we had decided to go (December 2020 – we were the first group that Hani met with after months of having to put his tour agency on hold considering the pandemic) yet he managed to surpass all of our expectations. I felt so incredibly lucky for us to have stumbled on Hani. I would recommend Egypt Fun Tours to anyone and everyone. It was truly, HANDS DOWN, the best cultural experience I’ve ever had. You’ll be in the best of hands.

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Nille cruise,Luxor and Aswan where amazing sites to see, specially when you have with you the best tour guide in Egypt .Hamada was absolutely fantastic, lots of information and some of them not spoken by others. This guy was not only a simple tour guide for us, he became a good friend also. Was a one in lifetime experience. Highly recommend Fun Tours. Really a great experience.

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Hamada was incredible! So knowledgeable and kind. He had information about every item, street corner, and relic we looked at. Any questions we had, he had answers! He even made sure to give us tips while walking through the crowds so that’s we would feel more comfortable when being approached by vendors. Oh and the food?! He took us to the best places! Delicious food!! We tried Egyptian fried chicken, falafel for the first time, the best shawarma in the city (we love food). We even got to meet his beautiful wife and children and try some “French” Egyptian coffee in their home! Truly made friends for life!! We’ve promised to host him and the family when they travel to America for the first time! Such an incredible experience, and Hamada (and family) made it that much more memorable and amazing!

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Excellent trip to historic sites with no one else around. We came to see Egypt while most places still had COVID19 fears. The staff at Egypt Fun Tours were professional, safe, and great to deal with. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and entertaining. I feel like I just got a a year of Egyptology in the last week and we had all the sites to ourselves due to COVID19. While people are shutting down and staying home you should feel safe to come explore with Egypt Fun Tours and have the place to yourself.
This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Trip of a lifetime!! COVID SAFE!! Knowledgeable guide who loves to share the magic of Egypt with tourists. Friendly and accomodating. This company goes to the extreme to make clients feel welcome and help you. Family company who takes good care of their support staff. Must book the 7 night trip which gives you a great feel for all of the history in upper and lower Egypt. The guide is an expert photographer and historian. He knows so much about each site and the culture. You MUST take this guide to teach you all about Egypt!

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

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