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9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight

Let us show you the wonders of Egypt

9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight

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Price from: 1000$

Enjoy 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by flight, Book us now and Reach your full potential.

Tour Details

  • Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights
  • Tour Location: Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Cairo Airport
  • Tour Type: Spiritual

Stunning 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight

On the 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight, every guest seeking enlightenment and happiness will realize their desire. The divine force that influenced Egypt will enable every sincere practitioner of the meditational practice to open their all-seeing eye, understand their past lives, and cure both their bodily and spiritual self.

As you travel in meditation through the exotic countries of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan, your astral projection will eventually reach the heavenly gods of ancient Egypt. These gods will disclose their true selves, unlocking all of the cosmos’ mysteries and revealing their present and future selves. Use your newly opened book of mystical Egyptian meditation and yoga to reach your full potential. Book This 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight Now!

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

Alexandria Highlights

  • Qaitbay Citadel
  • Alexandria Library
  • St Mark Church of Alexandria
  • Alexandria’s Old Harbor

Luxor Highlights

Aswan Highlights

Tour Inclusions

  • Expert tour guide.
  • All service charges & taxes.
  • Private vehicle with air conditioning.
  • Domestic Flight between Cairo, Aswan & Luxor.
  • 5 nights accommodation + breakfast in Cairo.
  • 3 nights Nile Cruise accommodation + all meals included.
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites in our itinerary.
  • Reception and Welcome service by our employees upon arrival at the airport.

Tour Exclusions

  • Tipping.
  • Option tours.
  • Any extra fees.
  • Entry visa into Egypt – We can assist you with obtaining your visa upon arrival.

Tour Itinerary

Detailed itinerary of the 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo and Hotel Check-In: When you arrive in Egypt and are greeted by our qualified staff at Cairo Airport, your spiritual journey will officially begin. Your knowledgeable tour guide will meet you at the Cairo airport at your gate and transport you in a private A/C vehicle to your hotel, where you will spend the night.

Day 2: Visit the Saqqara and Great Giza Pyramids: After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to a private A/C vehicle to start your enchanted spiritual adventure in the country of the immortals. You will initially stop at:

Giza Pyramids Complex: The fabled crown chakra, which symbolizes the earth’s main center, is located in the king’s chamber of the magnificent Giza Pyramid Complex. The Sphinx is a limitless protector from the gods who stand in for the soul star and grant access to ancient wisdom and healing power. The ancient Egyptians believed that the great Giza complex held the key to immortality for both the body and the soul. It also stood out as genuine proof of the ancient Egyptian understanding of planetary bodies, astronomy, solar systems, distances, the procession of the equinoxes and the fixed star groupings, advanced mathematics, sacred geometry, physics, geography, and architecture.

You will taste the best Egyptian cuisine at a restaurant with a view of the pyramids when your tour of the Giza complex is complete. Then, follow your guide to:

Step Pyramid of Saqqara: The magnificent Saqqara Step Pyramid, which is aligned with the God Thoth, the holy scribe, communicator of enlightenment, and wisdom keeper, is located north of the Giza complex. The step pyramid, the first real pyramid ever constructed, is regarded as a power chakra point throughout Egypt. It is also seen as a gift of cultural knowledge, communication, and teaching because it can open a gateway for communication with celestial beings and provide growth, expansion, and the ultimate truth.

To achieve a full level of serenity and enlightenment during your meditation experience, you will need to adhere to the proper rituals and locate the necessary supplies at a unique workshop run by the charismatic aromatherapist “Egyptian Chakra Oil,” Sheikh Abdullah. You will finally spend the night in Cairo.

Day 3: Fly to Aswan and board a cruise down the Nile: Your tour guide will be waiting for you when you arrive at your Cairo hotel. After that, you’ll take a flight to Aswan, where your designated tour guide will be waiting for you with an Egypt Fun Tours sign. From there, you’ll be taken in a private A/C vehicle to start your spiritual journey across the Root Chakra Nile River. The ram-headed god Khnum, the creator deity who sits atop a divine potter’s wheel and fashions clay into the forms of living beings, is the principal deity of the golden city of Aswan.

High Dam of Aswan: Your first visit will be to Aswan High Dam, a modern marvel built to control the Nile and provide a view of Nasser Lake.

You will then proceed to the most sacred temple in Upper Egypt:

Temple of Philae: The goddess Isis of Motherhood, Love, Compassion, Loyalty, and Beauty resides in Philae Temple and is known as the goddess of Motherhood, Love, Compassion, Loyalty, and Beauty. She welcomes everyone with open arms and offers the chance to learn about her famous story through her vibrant energy and sense her warm embrace through meditation and offerings that can be found in the well-known oil factory stores that you must visit to complete your meditation tour.

As soon as you arrive in Edfu and spend the night on board, you will be transferred to check into your Nile cruise in the utmost comfort. Please take note that lunch and dinner will be served on the trip.

Day 4: Visit the Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples: After breakfast, your tour guide will be waiting for you on the cruise, where you will go to:

Temple of Edfu: The god Ra Hr Akhty, also known as “Horus,” resides in the Edfu Temple and is a heavenly being who stands for the ideas of divine protection and victory. Through meditation, you will experience the timeless conflict between good and evil that is depicted in the story of Isis, Osiris, Set, and Horus. Horus’ radiance will also help you connect with your past lives and emotions.

You’ll proceed to a special wonder called:

Temple of Kom Ombo: The Kom Ombo Temple symbolizes a supposed link that extends all the way to the celestial realm where Sobek and Horus reside. The crocodile deity Sobek and the god Ra Hr Akhty represent the universe’s Lower and Higher Selves, respectively, in the story “Horus who is found in the heaven.” Every true mediator will be able to let go of all the negativity, stress, and fear of their inner struggles in our hearts and minds and achieve true bliss, peace of mind, and enlightenment thanks to the temple’s rare ancient energy, which comes from the ancient city of Atlantis.

You will overnight on your cruise after returning. Reminder: All meals will be served on the trip, including breakfast and dinner.

Day 5: Nile Cruise to West Bank’s Luxor: At the Nile Cruise, your tour guide will be waiting for you. From there, you will be driven in a private A/C vehicle to the enchanted west bank of Luxor, where yoga and meditation are practiced to the highest standards. You will first go to the residence of royal spirits:

The Kings’ Valley: In the Valley of the Kings, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were housed in a room with enormous treasures, painted pillars, and magnificent walls that provided a complete reflection of their lives.

Temple of Hatshepsut: The soul of Egypt’s greatest and most prosperous ruler, Hatshepsut, who developed strong ties with the creator god Amun, is represented in the temple.

Memnon’s Colossi: The legendary Colossi of Memnon is a pair of extraordinary enormous statues bearing an image of King Amenhotep III in a meditative mood looking at the celestial Nile River.

You will be taken back to the Nile Cruise once the trip is over. Reminder: All meals will be served on the trip, including breakfast and dinner.

Day 6: Fly back to Cairo after visiting Luxor’s East Bank: The most sacred location in all of Egypt, the solar plexus chakra, is where your tour guide will pick you up from your Nile cruise in a private A/C vehicle.

Temple Complex of Karnak: A renowned painting titled “The Masters of the Net” that can be found on the walls of the Karnak temple depicts Thoth, the Ibis-headed God, standing behind the civilized Egyptians and stretching a magical cord-shaped connection to allow the spirit enough room to enter the physical world. In order to demonstrate how all spiritual energy can manifest in the physical world, a process is known as “The Master of the Net” took place in the spiritual systems. This process is also found in modern physics under the term “The Net of Space & Time.”

The Karnak temple complex can demonstrate how the universe was created and how spirit is transformed into matter according to the divine plan of creation. In a tiny sanctuary devoted to Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of combat and healing, the spirit of the Karnak temple comes to life. Each traveler will experience the enormous power of healing and foresight when they pass through one of the temple’s seven sacred gates.

After that, your tour guide will take you to explore:

Temple of Luxor: You can realize your full spiritual and mental potential by visiting Luxor Temple, which demonstrates how the physical structure of the human body fuses with energy centers and holy chakras.

After being transferred to the domestic airport where you will board your trip to Cairo, you will be driven to your hotel there. Reminder: Breakfast will be served on the cruise.

Day 7: a tour of Alexandria’s attractions: At your hotel, where you will be transported to Alexandria by a private A/C vehicle, your knowledgeable tour guide will be waiting for you. The renowned: will be your first stop.

Alexandria Library: One of Egypt’s largest and most beautiful buildings, the Library of Alexandria pays homage to the ancient library of Alexandria, which housed numerous manuscripts relating to every branch of knowledge as well as long-forgotten arts and wisdom. You will arrive at the magnificent: as your next stop.

Citadel of Qaitbay: The ancient Egyptian lighthouse of Alexandria, which directed spirits between the planets, is still there in Qaitbay Citadel.

One of Egypt’s holiest and most revered landmarks is the St. Mark Church of Alexandria, the oldest church in Africa. The old harbor in Alexandria, which gives a number of lovely views and images, is where you will complete it. After that, you’ll be driven to your hotel in Cairo, where you’ll spend the night.

Day 8: A day trip to Old Cairo: You will be picked up at your hotel by your knowledgeable tour guide, and from there, you will be taken to:

The Grand Egyptian Museum: Many priests and holy men’s immortal mummies, amazing artifacts, monuments, and amulets that contained enormous amounts of divine energy for healing and protection may be found in the Grand Egyptian Museum.

El Khalili Khan: Some wonderful healing and protective goods composed of pure energy will be available on Khan El Khalili’s golden brick road.

You will next proceed to Cairo’s all-seeing eye:

Citadel of Salah El Din: To protect Cairo’s inhabitants and its wonders from any outside invasion, Salah El Din built his castle in 1183 AD. After that, you’ll go to the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, which was built to showcase the elegance and splendor of Ottoman architecture and was created by a foreign Turkish architect.

After that, you’ll explore the holy family’s journey through the distinctive Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, and Ben Ezra Synagogue to learn more about the treasures of Coptic Cairo. Return to your hotel for the night and spend the next day in Cairo.

Day 9: Fly home and finish your 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight: After eating breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven to Cairo International Airport to catch your flight home, capping out your nine-day spiritual tour of Cairo, Alexandria, and the Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan.

Hint: If you are looking for another 9 days tour other than this 9 Days Spiritual Tour to Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise by Flight, check our collection of 9 days Egypt Tours.

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Egypt offers some of the biggest and most amazing landmarks and attractions in the whole world, making a trip there one of the best choices you will ever make. It is now much simpler to plan a vacation in Egypt than it was in the past since we, as a travel agency, will be honored to help you plan the greatest trip you can imagine, complete with the most alluring tour pricing and the most expertly planned itinerary based on your needs.

What People Say About Us

Thank you Egypt Fun Tours for a most memorable trip. I admit I didn’t do any of the planning (it was all done by my boyfriend) but as you can read in the reviews below Hani (the owner of Egypt Fun Tours) is superbly organized and accommodating with scheduling.

My boyfriend and I, and our dearest mutual friend, booked the 7Days-6Nights tour. In short time, we visited Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor sailing down the down the Nile, pit stopping to see key sites at these location – and so much more!!! We got to know the ancient and modern egypt in depth thanks to Hani’s impressive knowledge. He also enlightened us on the people and their beliefs and went as far as showing us what a typical life looks like. I cannot express the level of personalized service Hani offered us. He was flexible to adapt to our requirements and added sites to our schedule that was not part of the tour simply to ensure we were 100% satisfied with our experience in Egypt.

I went to Egypt practically blind-folded, not knowing what to expect, especially considering the time we had decided to go (December 2020 – we were the first group that Hani met with after months of having to put his tour agency on hold considering the pandemic) yet he managed to surpass all of our expectations. I felt so incredibly lucky for us to have stumbled on Hani. I would recommend Egypt Fun Tours to anyone and everyone. It was truly, HANDS DOWN, the best cultural experience I’ve ever had. You’ll be in the best of hands.

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Nille cruise,Luxor and Aswan where amazing sites to see, specially when you have with you the best tour guide in Egypt .Hamada was absolutely fantastic, lots of information and some of them not spoken by others. This guy was not only a simple tour guide for us, he became a good friend also. Was a one in lifetime experience. Highly recommend Fun Tours. Really a great experience.

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Hamada was incredible! So knowledgeable and kind. He had information about every item, street corner, and relic we looked at. Any questions we had, he had answers! He even made sure to give us tips while walking through the crowds so that’s we would feel more comfortable when being approached by vendors. Oh and the food?! He took us to the best places! Delicious food!! We tried Egyptian fried chicken, falafel for the first time, the best shawarma in the city (we love food). We even got to meet his beautiful wife and children and try some “French” Egyptian coffee in their home! Truly made friends for life!! We’ve promised to host him and the family when they travel to America for the first time! Such an incredible experience, and Hamada (and family) made it that much more memorable and amazing!

This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Excellent trip to historic sites with no one else around. We came to see Egypt while most places still had COVID19 fears. The staff at Egypt Fun Tours were professional, safe, and great to deal with. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and entertaining. I feel like I just got a a year of Egyptology in the last week and we had all the sites to ourselves due to COVID19. While people are shutting down and staying home you should feel safe to come explore with Egypt Fun Tours and have the place to yourself.
This Review was posted on Tripadvisor

Trip of a lifetime!! COVID SAFE!! Knowledgeable guide who loves to share the magic of Egypt with tourists. Friendly and accomodating. This company goes to the extreme to make clients feel welcome and help you. Family company who takes good care of their support staff. Must book the 7 night trip which gives you a great feel for all of the history in upper and lower Egypt. The guide is an expert photographer and historian. He knows so much about each site and the culture. You MUST take this guide to teach you all about Egypt!

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