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10 Top-rated Luxury Hotels in Cairo

Cairo is known as Egypt’s jewel because it contains not only the capital but also the greatest attractions that all travelers dream of seeing. As a result, visitors have the best chance of finding some of the most luxurious Egyptian accommodations at very reasonable prices, allowing Egyptian visitors to experience true luxury while visiting the most fascinating landmarks and attractions. The 10 top-rated luxury hotels in Cairo are listed below.

1- Four Seasons First Residence Hotel

Four Seasons First Residence Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Four Seasons First Residence Hotel

The four seasons First Residence Hotel is located at 35 Giza Street on the west bank of the Nile River, and it is one of the most highly-rated hotels in the city. You will be able to experience the greatest beautiful accommodations while you are there, especially with its French-Empire architecture.
There are several rooms available at the hotel, including the Premier Room, Ambassador Suite, and other premium suites. Inside the hotel, there are dozens of amenities and services, including a magnificent spa, a bar, and a mesmerizing poolside restaurant. It is more than simply a place to stay; it is also the most recommended location for ideal weddings and visitors hoping to spend a great honeymoon in Egypt.

2- Marriott Mena House Hotel

Marriott Mena House Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Marriott Mena House Hotel – Egypt Fun Tours

The majority of travelers love being accommodated in Marriott Mena House hotel because of its captivating Pyramids view rooms and its location, which is about 45 minutes driving from Cairo’s city center. They hope to get the chance to be accommodated there during either their first or second stay to enjoy the amazing view over the Giza Pyramids.

Guests love the hotel’s highly elegant accommodations, which include classic furniture, mini-fridges, 24-hour service, stunning scenery outside the hotel, and a plethora of additional features that distinguish it from others.

3- Kempinski Nile Hotel

Kempinski Nile Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Kempinski Nile Hotel

Another highly recommended luxury hotel is the Kempinski Nile, which has a fantastic position with a garden view and incredible amenities for its guests. The service department is really helpful and always willing to provide the finest possible service to the hotel’s customers. The four eating options, which include Italian Classics, Ottoman cuisine, the Chocolate Lounge, and the Jazz Bar, are the most famous aspects of it.

The hotel has a fantastic fitness facility, a spellbinding spa, a very handy location, a rooftop pool, and it is very close to the main attractions in Cairo, which is why it is a highly suggested alternative for you to consider while spending your holiday in Egypt.

4- Sofitel Cairo Nile El-Gezirah

Sofitel Cairo Nile El-Gezirah - Egypt Fun Tours
Sofitel Cairo Nile El-Gezirah

The Sofitel Nile El-Gezirah hotel is another fantastic hotel on El-Gezirah Island, with 433 excellent stylish rooms and suites that are well-equipped for all visitors from across the world. It has private balconies, king-size beds, and mini-fridges in its rooms, and its suites are ideal for families. While staying in the hotel, you will feel quite safe.

It contains six amazing restaurants and pubs, and the cuisine provided there is diverse and ideal for a wide range of tastes and preferences. The Sofitel Nile El-Gezirah is a highly rated luxury hotel that offers great value and pleasant accommodations.

5- The Nile Ritz Carlton

The Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
The Nile Ritz Carlton

The Nile Ritz Carlton hotel has the greatest services, the most intriguing view, luxurious décor, and an incredible position that allows tourists to explore many of Cairo’s attractions while they are there. It simply takes a few minutes from that hotel to be in downtown Cairo’s El-Tahrir Square, where you may visit the magnificent Egyptian Museum.

You may pamper yourself with amazing spa treatments, meals, services, and exquisite accommodations while you’re there. The hotel has a lovely fitness facility where guests may get some exercise while they are there. That hotel also provides its visitors with a variety of great fun activities that are ideal for individuals of all ages.

6- Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel

Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel

The Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel is located on Corniche El-Nil, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. It has a magnificent garden view from every room, as well as all of the exquisite services and facilities that guests may want, such as comfortable bathrobes, free Wi-Fi, a fully stocked minibar, down pillows, and the wonderful “Zitouni,” which provides the greatest genuine Egyptian cuisine in Cairo.

7-Fairmont Nile City

Fairmont Nile City Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Fairmont Nile City Hotel

The Fairmont Nile hotel likewise boasts a fantastic position overlooking the Nile River and 540 spacious rooms to accommodate the largest number of tourists conceivable. It is furnished and decorated to the highest standards, reflecting both eastern and European traditions. It also has a willow stream spa and a poolside bar, ensuring that you get the most out of your stay. You will never go hungry or thirsty at that hotel since it boasts the best variety of restaurants and bars on the premises, including the California-style food of Saigon Restaurant and Napa Grill.

8-Conrad Cairo Hotel

Conrad Cairo Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Conrad Cairo Hotel

This is a fantastic 5-star hotel with a variety of accommodation types, restaurants, bars, steam and sauna facilities, a casino, and a variety of entertainment options for its visitors. Its fitness facility is open 24 hours a day, and it boasts the best massage therapists who provide the most amazing Thai and Swedish treatments.

The rooms are well designed, and the suites are opulent and fitted with dining and kitchen facilities, making them ideal for families with children. All of the rooms have either a side or front view of the Nile.

9- Concorde El-Salam Hotel

Concorde El-Salam Hotel - Egypt Fun Tours
Concorde El-Salam Hotel

This magnificent hotel, located between the city center and Cairo International Airport, features 320 magnificent rooms, 18 gorgeous suites, 14 poolside rooms, and a plethora of excellent facilities, making it a highly recommended place to stay in Cairo. It also provides complimentary airport shuttles and a doctor on call in the event of an emergency.

With our Egypt luxury trips, you can always get a taste of ultimate luxury and absolute calm. Book your ideal trip to see the ancient Egyptians’ opulent and luxurious lifestyle while receiving the best and most professional service.

10. Grand Nile Tower (Grand Hayat Hotel)

Grand Nile Tower (Grand Hayat Hotel) - Egypt Fun Tours
Grand Nile Tower (Grand Hayat Hotel)

At the center of the Nile is Cairo’s most recognizable skyscraper. Within the cosmopolitan, bustling metropolis of Cairo, the renowned Grand Nile Tower stands as a refuge distinguished by the greatest hospitality you will possibly encounter.
The Grand Nile Tower is one of Cairo’s most opulent hotels, with a superb position in central Cairo, adjacent to numerous cultural and tourist sites. It is immediately perched on the majestic Nile. This breathtaking destination offers you the best service and experiences, as well as elegantly designed accommodation with a variety of room types to suit your needs, a breathtaking terrace with spectacular Nile views, and a diverse menu of cuisines at any of our eight restaurants and lounges, including the highly acclaimed Revolving Restaurant.

With our Egypt luxury tours, you can always get a taste of ultimate luxury and absolute calm. Book your ideal trip to see the ancient Egyptians’ opulent and luxurious lifestyle while receiving the best and most professional service.

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