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Egypt, the Sweet Dream

Egypt is your dream, and it will be over when you wake up. Try to fall asleep and enter your dream; it only takes a few seconds to do so, and only a few seconds to live your lovely dream… As high as the moon, I was riding a camel in the Great Sahara desert, surrounded by Yellow dates and flourishing palm trees; as high as the moon, I was riding the camel stepping above the hard sand, and sometimes swimming in the sand dunes, figuring out how soft it is; as high as the moon, I was on the camel hitting the road to the White desert, feeling like I was traveling to heaven with no dread; as high as the moon, I was riding.

Is it true that I saw the Pyramids? … I was simply thinking to myself, do I have to travel to the Valley of the Kings, or should I attempt to continue farther to Abu Simbel?
An elderly lady was holding stones, but not as you might think; she was selling them to tourists, and she promised that if they drank Nile water, they would return to Her…. I grinned, recognizing why outsiders aren’t allowed to drink from the Nile :).

“It will be completed when you wake up,” the old lady replied. She informed me that I was having a pleasant dream and that it will be over shortly. Then I want to sleep indefinitely and never wake up.
“I am your dream,” the elderly lady replied, “and when you wake up, it will be done…
I asked the lady an impolite question: Grandma, how old are you? She said, “I’m 7000 years old.”

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