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Fast food restaurants

There are many fast-food restaurants everywhere in Egypt in the major cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm El-sheikh, and in all the other Governorates.

Fast food restaurants in Egypt

International chains

Pizza hut: Tel: 19000

Roma Pizza 2 Go: 19914

La Cassetta: Tel: 02-22618151

Little Ceaser : Tel: 02-6074

Fish Market: Tel: 02-35709694

Dominos Pizza: Tel: 19223

Chillis: Tel:02-761 7004

T.G.I Fridays: Tel: 02-761 1113

Fuddruckers: Tel: 16226

KFC: Tel: 19019

MC Donald’s: Tel: 19991

Hardees: Tel: 19066

Burger King: Tel: 02-24802474

Egyptian Chains

Pizza king: Tel: 19519

Pizza Alex: Tel 16008

Cook Door: Tel: 16999

MO’men: Tel: 16600

Smiley’s: Tel: 02-692 30 71

My Queen: Tel: 02-37491655

Wessaya: Tel: 19303

Tomatoes: Tel: 16999

Al-Tazaj: Tel: 19018

Shawerma El Rim: Tel: 02-22755115

Jaar Al kamar: Tel: 02-37499460

Egyptian food Restaurants

Abou El-sid: Tel: 02-23805050

Citadel View Restaurant, Cairo: Tel: 02-3467757

Akher Saa: Tel: 19550

El-Tabie El-Domyati: Tel: 16015

FelFela: Tel: 02-3761234

El-Shabrawy: Tel: 16919

Egyptian food bank: Tel: 16060

Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese food restaurants

Koloon Korean, Chinese: Tel: 02-25759831

New China: Tel: 02-9 228-9939

Bua Khao Thai: Tel:02-23783355

Mori Soshi Japanese: Tel: 02-33023871

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Egypt Climate & What To Take

Egypt Climate: Is continental, Mostly fine, with some heat in the summertime especially in the southern cities like Luxor and Aswan. In winter it is cool that is to say 20 to 25 Celsius in the day time and it goes down to 10 to 15 at night time.

The best time to travel Egypt is winter (September to May), but still an option to travel Egypt in Summer when Cairo is comfortably warm and dry, and you can do sightseeing of the southern cities in the early morning as it gets extremely hot by noontime. Red seawater is lovely in summer, even in winter it does not get so cold.

What to take:

Gel cologne for a quick freshening up. Wet wipes. Hand sanitizer, or Gel disinfectant. Sunscreen. For outside city, tours pack Mosquito repellant. Imodium. Flashlight. Sunglasses. All to be packed in your handbag with your travel medication of pain killers, anti-bacterial, and aspirin.

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Water, Drinks, And Food

Water: It is not advisable for a tourist to drink the Nile water in Egypt, it is very well treated that is to say safe for the Egyptian people to drink, but for a tourist, you need to get used to it even before thinking of using it for a maker of a cup of tea or coffee.

You do not have to worry as you can find mineral water bottles everywhere in Egypt for cheap prices.


While in Egypt try the Egyptian drinks like Sugarcane juice, Hibiscus (Karkade) tea, and Doom juice, they are very tasty and healthy.

Be aware; all drinks and water are usually not included with the meals you order all over Egypt except tap water if you have decided to use it as it is completely free.

Tea and coffee are served with breakfast in the hotels included as part of your meal.


Beef, chicken, or fish are the main content of Lunch and dinner meals as main daily meals in Egypt add to them Rice, pasta, or fries to give it the complete shape of a meal with your favorite salad all served in the hotels and in the Nile Cruises.

For breakfast in hotels, they serve cheese, honey, boiled eggs and Omelets, beans, Yogurt, Green salad, bread, Pita bread, and fruit salad. For Egyptians, they mainly eat brown beans, falafel, eggplants, green paper, chips, Green salad, and Pita bread.

To mention the Egyptian food, it is wise to know that the Egyptian cuisine is very poor as we have some few inventions in this field like Koshari which is a mix of pasta, spaghetti, rice, fried onion, chickpeas, and lintel, add to them tomato souse, salt, and vinegar altogether. And one of our popular dishes is Mah’ shi or Dolma which is simply Cabbage, or grapes leaves, or eggplants, or even green paper stuffed with rice, you will see it as part of your salad choices in the tourist restaurants or on the Nile cruise.

Shish Kebab and Shish Tawook are very common here in Egypt, locals consider them Egyptian, but they are originally Turkish.

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Shops & Pharmacies

Shops: Most of the shops open from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm. Sunday is off for Downtown and Khan El-Khalili Gold and Silver Shops.

The shops owned by Muslim people are closed at the time of Friday prayer until the end of the prayer.

For the shops owned by Coptic Christians, they are closed on Sundays for the whole day.


Open from 10:00 am until 12:00 midnight, few of them remain open 24 hours especially the ones in the main streets and those located in the busy areas.

Currency, Banks, & Credit Cards

Currency: The Egyptian official currency is the Egyptian pound (“EGP” stands for Egyptian pound, or “LE” stands for the French term” Livre Egyptian”.1 EGP is 100 piaster.

It is not recommended to exchange your money in a bank at the airport as the rates are slightly lower than it is in the city banks.

Bear in mind to carry some one-dollar bills as they proved very useful almost everywhere in Egypt.


Banks are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, except they are open for five days from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Credit cards:

It can be used in the major cities almost everywhere, and they are accepted in most of the shops and in all the hotels, the only exception can be with American Express as it is not accepted on the payment of the Nile cruises In Egypt in case of having any extra charges.

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