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What is Egyptology?

What is Egyptology?

Egyptology is the key to unlocking the history and culture of Ancient Egypt, which spans around 4,600 years from ancient times to the Arab invasion. Investigate many parts of Ancient Egypt’s civilization, from language and religion to art, architecture, and social organization. Since 1999, Egypt Fun Tours has been gathering studies on ancient Egyptian life and beliefs, mythology, and artifacts in order to make them easily accessible to the general public. Egyptology is a discipline to study because of Egypt’s extensive history, and one might easily spend a lifetime reading about ancient Egypt, swimming in the ocean of Ancient Egyptian religion, and exploring Egyptian artifacts. Outside of Egypt, over 2 million artifacts are on display in several museums worldwide, continuing to attract and astound audiences. There are numerous Ancient Egyptian obelisks that have been removed from Ancient Egyptian temples and put in the main squares of major cities. Seeing the world-famous bust statue of Queen Nefertiti in the Berlin museum is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event since it all revolves around Ancient Egypt and its ambassadors outside the realm of the Pharaohs.

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Discover what Ancient Egypt has to offer at the many temples and tombs of Pharaohs with our Egyptologist Tour guides. With our Egypt tour packages and Nile Cruise trips, you can learn about Egypt from professionals while having a spectacular experience.

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