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Qatrani is a low-lying mountain to the north of Lake Qarun. It is on the UNESCO Tentative List (date of submission: 10/02/2003) in the category: Mixed. There are several ancient sites in the area, such as Medinat Madi, Qasr Qarun, and Qas El Sagha. There is also a nice campsite called “Qatrani Camp” where guests may stay and enjoy the starry sky at night. The mountain is 350 meters high and is a popular destination for hikers, visitors, and stargazers.

Qatrani Mountain Open Air Museum

It is located among the petrified forest, a few kilometers from Qatrani Mountain. The museum, which opened in 2018, displays fossils of marine, continental, and other terrestrial and wetland animals. It demonstrates the diversity of vertebrate fossil mammals found across the world in terms of fossil quality and preservation criteria.

Explore Qatrani Mountain with Hamada!

So that Fayoum guests can have the best Fayoum experience possible. Egypt Fun Tours’ creator, Mohamed a.k.a. Hamada, a local guide and researcher located in Cairo who studied in Fayoum for four years, will take you on tailored tours to explore magnificent Fayoum in several thematic itineraries to provide the ultimate Fayoum experience. He will share his expertise in the area as well as his fascinating Fayoum anecdotes with you.

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