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61 Top-Rated Attractions and Best Things to Do in Cairo

July 11, 2023

Cairo, Egypt’s huge capital city and home to some of the world’s greatest wonders, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and, of course, the mummies, is likely to be one of the first places you visit on your journey to Egypt. Aside from the Pyramids, there are a variety of other activities to do in Cairo. It’s a city of contrasts, where old and modern coexist, where the living and the dead coexist (in the so-called City of the Dead), and where opulent hotels coexist with crowded (but dynamic) souks. Museums with rare artifacts, fashionable rooftop bars, old mosques, synagogues, cathedrals, and much more can be found here.

Top-Rated Attractions in Cairo

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King Nar-Mer, the founder of the first dynasty and the unifier of Egypt’s two regions, Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, built Egypt’s very early capital

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Giza Zoo Tour

Giza Zoo

Because it is more than 130 years old, one of the largest in the world, measuring 120 acres and including numerous old trees and animals.

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Coptic Museum in Cairo

Old Cairo

Old Cairo, Masr al Qadima, lies within the old Roman fortress of Babylon, which was not only a walled but a heavily fortified city, with

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Private tour to Dahshur Bent and Red Pyramids

Dahshur Pyramids

Pharaoh Sneferu (Snofru or Snefru) (r. 2613-2589 BCE) constructed three big pyramids and maybe two smaller ones. The cut and prepared stone of his Pyramids

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Islamic Art Museum in Cairo

Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo: Exploring the Treasures of Islamic Civilization Cairo, the bustling capital of Egypt, is renowned for its historical and

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Al Hussein Mosque - Egypt Fun Tours

Al Hussein Mosque

The Al Hussein mosque is one of Egypt’s most beautiful sacred Islamic structures, dedicated to Al-Hussein, the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson. It is well-known for having

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Top Things to do in Cairo

The vast metropolis of Cairo offers a diverse range of activities and attractions for visitors. Cairo is home to the Giza pyramids, which are the world’s most famous ancient landmarks. Cairo, the city of wonders, will show you how some people live in cemeteries while others live in luxury along the Nile River. Cairo is a must-see destination, with a radius of 90 kilometers and a population of roughly 20 million people. The tourist attractions are dispersed across the city. A selection of tours and things to do in Cairo is provided below.

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