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Since the time of King Narmer, who united Egypt’s two regions into one country after defeating the northern portion of the country, the Ancient Egyptian Army has been around. When it comes to fighting in wartime, Egyptian farmers are the best! Due to the geographical borders of the desert that encircled ancient Egypt, the empire was extremely well defended from invasion. The farmers were called upon to defend their nation by the Pharaoh during the Old Kingdom when the Pharaoh need troops for battle. The neighbors in northern Egypt ultimately assembled an army and conquered Lower Egypt, employing chariots and superior weaponry, although it took a long time for them to do this. The Egyptians realized they were in desperate need of an army. They learned how to build powerful chariots and assembled a large force of soldiers, archers, and charioteers to fight against the Hyksos. They were finally successful in retaking Lower Egypt from the invaders with the help of a very powerful army. Egypt began to keep a standing army as a result of this event. While the New Kingdom was in existence, the Pharaohs frequently led their armies into war, and Egypt conquered much of the surrounding area, therefore expanding the Egyptian Empire. The bow and arrow was, without a doubt, the most significant weapon in the ancient Egyptian military. The Egyptians made use of the composite bow, which they had learned about from the Hyksos, to defend themselves. They were able to shoot arrows over 600 feet, killing a large number of opponents at a distance. The foot troops, also known as the infantry, were armed with a range of weapons like spears, axes, and short swords, among other things, to defend themselves. The Egyptian army relied heavily on chariots for transportation. They were two swift warhorses pulling two-wheeled carriages through the countryside. Two warriors were transported on a chariot. Using a bow and arrow or spear, one would battle, while the other would drive the chariot and handle the horses. The Egyptian warriors wore little armor if any at all. A shield served as their primary means of protection. When they did wear armor, it was in the shape of reinforced leather straps to keep them from falling from their horses. Life as an Egyptian soldier was arduous and demanding. They worked out in order to maintain their strength and endurance. They also received training in various sorts of weaponry. As an archer, they would be someone who is skilled with a bow and arrow. The army was frequently called upon to perform activities other than combat.

Army of Farmers and Labors

Ancient Egyptian Army

If Pharaoh was going to feed all of these men, it was only natural that he would find some use for them at periods of relative tranquillity. Because they are initially farmers, the troops helped out in the fields during planting and harvesting seasons. They also served as laborers on a variety of construction projects, including palaces, temples, and pyramids, among others. The Pharaoh commanded the Egyptian army and was its commander-in-chief. Two generals served under the Pharaoh, one of whom was in charge of the army in Upper Egypt and the other of whom was in charge of the army in Lower Egypt. Each army was divided into three primary divisions: the Infantry, the Chariotry, and the Naval Corps. The generals were almost always close relatives of the Pharaoh or his consorts.

Ancient Egyptian Army Facts and Figures to Consider

The troops of the Ancient Egyptian army were well-liked and revered by their fellow citizens. When they retreated from combat, they were given a piece of land as well as the spoils of victory. It was not uncommon for young boys as early as five years old to be drafted into the army. They didn’t truly start arguing until they were 20 years old, but they had been dating for a while. Army divisions were frequently given names derived from mythological figures. The Egyptians frequently enlisted the assistance of foreign mercenaries to fight on their behalf, particularly in conflicts that took place outside of Egypt’s borders. Visiting Egyptian museums such as the New National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NNMEC) or the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) to have a comprehensive understanding of what the ancient Egyptian army looked like and to witness it with your own eyes seems like a fantastic idea. Traveling like the ancient Egyptian army from South to North boarding a Nile river Cruise is a catchy idea that can be booked via our Egypt Vacation Packages.