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Best Day Trip to Pyramids and Sphinx

Almost all tours to Egypt include a visit to the Pyramids and the Sphinx, and even those who visit Egypt on corporate or business trips are frequently given enough time to do so. To make the most of your day trip to the pyramids and the Sphinx, you’ll need some information ahead of time. This guide will help you know what to anticipate and what to avoid!

A Guide to the Best Day Trip to the Pyramids and Sphinx

Scams You Should Avoid

1. Fake Security

If you are visiting the Pyramids for the first time in a private car, do not stop outside the site of the pyramids until the police security asks you to. Despite being the world’s most visited and well-known ancient landmark, the Giza Pyramids nonetheless have several tourist traps. The first scam you’ll encounter is when you approach the entrance from the most remote point, there will be local young men trying to direct you to another entrance so they can take you on a camel or horse ride. These people will tell you that riding a camel is the only way to see the pyramids, which is a lie! Finally, if you followed them, they would charge you between $200 and $400 USD for a camel ride, which is far too much.

2. Fake Local Tour Guides

The second scam which can ruin your day trip to the pyramids and sphinx is that you will be met by local guys who will ask you to show them your ticket after you have paid the admission fee and passed through the x-ray checker security. Please do not show them your ticket as they are just pretending to be security, but in reality, they will ask you to follow them and will try to give you a tour around the pyramids for money, and they will not accept any amount of money you hand over to them, no matter how much money you hand over to them, they will ask for more and more!

3. Camel ride scams

Camel Ride Scams - Best day Trip to Pyramids and Sphinx - Egypt Fun Tours
Camel Ride Scam

The third scam involves camel riding. Although the government has set the price for one hour of camel riding at 350 Egyptian pounds (roughly 20 USD), you will not notice it because the area is large and there are not enough signs to indicate it, and camel drivers will charge you triple the price if you do not know the price.

4. Don’t take a private cab to the pyramids.

Taking a cab to the pyramids is a bad idea since most taxi drivers have business dealings with fraudsters and will direct you to people who will dupe you into tourist traps.

5. Deceitful Souvenir vendors

Souvenir merchants at the pyramids are really shady; they begin by giving you free presents, and after you accept the gift, they follow you around until you buy items from them at a very high price, or tip them (baksheesh)! If they fail to fool you, they will ask you to buy from them later on your way back, which is another sad story since saying later is a promise, which means they will follow you during your stay until you buy from them. So the best course of action is to ignore them and never speak to them or respond to their talks.

Take a Guided Day Trip to the Pyramids and Sphinx

Those who decide to take a guided tour to the pyramids and the Sphinx are lucky enough to avoid all these scams because their tour guide is well-trained enough to give them all the info needed before approaching the site of the pyramids. Also, accompanying a tour guide while touring the pyramids is a protective sign which keeps the scammers away from you. Asa conclusion, avoid talking with locals inside the pyramids area, avoid buying souvenirs and avoid unguided camel rides. If you want to get the best Day Trip to the Pyramids and Sphinx, take a guided tour.

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