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King Ahmose I

Who is King Ahmose?

He was the founder of the 18th dynasty and a member of the royal line of Thebes, the son of Monarch (Seqenen Ra), and brother of the seventeenth dynasty’s last king, King (Kamis). Ben-T-Re was Ahmose’s nickname (the lord of the power of Ra). Ahmose Merit Amun and Ahmose Set Amunumen were his daughters from his marriage to his sister, Ahmose Nefertari. Si Amun, Amenhotep I, Ahmose Ankh, and Ra Mos were their sons.

Ahmose’s most notable accomplishments during the era which he ruled

The Egyptian Army at his time

The Egyptian army was developed by King Ahmose, who was the first to enter the war wheels and manufacture military weaponry employing arrows with a bit of iron on them. He arrived at Egypt’s capital at the time, which was established by the Hyksos near the city of Zagazig, and continued to fight them until they fled to the delta’s north. Following the departure of the Hyksos, Ahmose came to Phoenicia with his army and assaulted Nubia in order to reclaim it for the Egyptian monarchy, which reached its southern limits at the second waterfall.

The internal affairs

Following the conclusion of Ahmose’s campaigns to remove the Hyksos and protect Egypt’s frontiers, he turned his focus to the internal affairs of Egypt, which had been damaged during the Hyksos’ rule. In his period, Amon was the official deity, and he chose Thebes as his capital. He erected a memorial at Karnak Temple to honor his memory and efforts, as well as the works of his mother.

Military campaigns of King Ahmose I

King Seqenen Ra was the first to engage the Hyksos in an attempt to stop them from fleeing Egypt, and he was killed in one of his fights. While he was around 19 years old, his son finished the war until Upper Egypt was cleansed of the Hyksos, and Ahmose concluded the expulsion of the Hyksos from the nation. His soldiers marched to Avaris (San al-Hajar), the Hyksos’ present city, and destroyed them there. They were then pursued to Palestine, where they were besieged in the stronghold (Sharuhen) until they received it. After then, the Hyksos vanished from history, and this fight took place about 1580 BC.

His mummy and his tomb:

King Ahmose died in 1525 BC and had a tomb at Abydos with a ramp temple, a funeral tomb, and the remnants of a pyramid, found in 1899 BC, and it was known that he had a pyramid in Thebes in 1902, a temple for the pyramid, and another cemetery, which was stolen by robbers. Gaston Maspero discovered his mummy on June 9, 1886. The mummy stood 1.63 meters tall and had a diminutive face in comparison to the height of his chest. There is no better way to experience the magic of ancient Egypt than joining Egypt tour packages and boarding a Nile river cruise experience to witness the glory of the Egyptian civilization.

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