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The Egyptian Scarab (Dung beetle)

The scarab is prominent in Egypt, and souvenirs of the scarab are marketed everywhere. The beetle is represented in tombs and ancient temples all around Egypt. It was once thought to represent good luck and was also one of the ancient Egyptians’ depictions of the sun god Ra.

When the beetle was spotted rolling dung into a ball and then pushing it under the ground, the ancient Egyptians discovered this relationship between the sun and the beetle. Also, after being kept inside by the mother, the baby beetle emerges from the dung ball, symbolizing a new life, just like the sun deity Ra, who was the supreme god of ancient Egypt and was also in charge of providing life. It brought good fortune to the person to whom it appeared early in the morning, giving him a new life. In ancient Egypt, the beetle was known as “Khe-Ber,” which meant “existence.”

Beetles that feed primarily or exclusively on feces are known as dung beetles. All of the species are members of the Scarabaeoidea superfamily, with the majority of them belonging to the Scarabaeinae and Aphodiinae subfamilies of the Scarabaeidae family (scarab beetles). Because most Scarabaeinae species feed exclusively on feces, the subfamily is known as real dung beetles.

Dung beetles are absolutely necessary for life on our planet. Dung beetles, often known as rollers, roll dung into round balls that are utilized as food or nesting chambers by many beetles. Tunnelers, another type of dung beetle, bury the dung wherever they find it. The dwellers, a third type, do not roll or burrow; they just live in dung. The feces that burrowing owls collect typically attracts them. These actions are supposed to keep life on our planet going, since rolling dung keeps planet seeds fertile, whereas burying dung maintains the soil fertile and places seeds under for growth.

Other than humans, dung beetles are the only animals known to travel and orient themselves using the Milky Way.

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