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Egypt is the oldest country in the history of mankind with so many attractions to visit and countless things to do. The mother of the world has a long history as long as the immortal Nile’s life which makes Egypt itineraries diverse and unique. All what Egypt has to offer with its nature, temples, ancient tombs, Pyramids, desert, and beaches is featured in our Egypt itineraries. Boarding a Nile cruise to discover the amazing attractions of Luxor and Aswan at Abu Simbel, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings, camping in the western White desert, relaxing by the Red sea beaches, trouncing around the large city of Cairo with its Pyramids and Sphinx, or exploring Alexandria’s wonderful attractions are some of the activities you can include in a well tailored Egypt adventure. Choose from the following Egypt itineraries, or request a perfect tailor-made Egypt tour package.

Egypt, with its legendary past and never-ending civilization, has a lot to offer in major cities like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, as well as one of the top scopa diving places in the world in the Red Sea, and much more to discover. This Egypt Travel Guide covers practically everything you’ll need to know about organizing Egypt Itineraries for a dream vacation to the Land of the Pharaohs in Egypt.