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Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

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Nearly 1100 years old, this is a part of Islamic Cairo. It was originally designed to sell dry products, and traders would travel from all across Egypt to sell their wares in the market. It was then converted into a tourist mart. The main structure has five stories; the ground floor was divided into shops, the first floor was used to store products, the third, fourth, and fifth floors were used to house traders from all over the country.

Khan EL-Khalili Tourist Bazaar

Tourists can buy a wide variety of souvenirs at this market, however, most of what is sold currently are made in China, with the exception of some women’s accessories, gold, silver, and herbs. Seket El-Badestan is the bazaar’s major street, which runs from the western corner of Al-Hussein mosque to the main street of Al-Muizz.

El-Muez street

Another important route that is part of the bazaar is Moski street, which is named after the Fatimid-era Ezzel-Din mosque. Al-Hussein mosque Plaza is the bazaar’s main square, while Al-Azhar mosque, Muhammad Al-Fatih mosque, Wekalet Al-Ghori, and Al Ghori complex are across the street.

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