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How to Spend 8 Days Exploring Egypt

8 Days Exploring Egypt Itinerary

Exploring Egypt in 8 days is enough time to see the country’s most iconic sights, taking in both history and natural beauty. Here’s how best to spend 8 days exploring Egypt.

Day 1: Cairo: Start in Cairo, where you can visit the Great Pyramids of Giza – the only Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exist. Be sure to take photos and learn about the stories surrounding their construction. From there, visit the iconic Sphinx and head to the Egyptian Museum to learn more about Egypt’s fascinating history.

Day 2: Cairo: Delve further into the city’s history by exploring the Islamic Cairo area. Visit the Al-Azhar Mosque, one of the most significant religious centers in the Islamic world, and stroll among the mosques, streets, and shops of the nearby Khan El Khalili bazaar.

Day 3: Luxor: Take a flight or train from Cairo to Luxor, an ancient city. Visit the Karnak Temple, one of the most massive religious sites globally, which covers an area of almost 200 acres. Then visit the Luxor Temple, which has been beautifully preserved over the years.

Day 4: Luxor: Explore the West Bank of Luxor, where the ancient Egyptians buried their Pharaohs. Visit the beautiful Valley of the Kings, the temple of Hatshepsut, and the spectacular tombs, known for their perfectly-preserved hieroglyphs.

Day 5: Aswan: Take a beautiful drive or fly to Aswan, a town on the southern stretch of the Nile. Take a boat ride to Philae Island to see one of the most impressive temple complexes in Egypt, featuring stunning columns and carvings.

Day 6: Abu Simbel: Take a day trip to Abu Simbel, an iconic Egyptian monument. This temple was built in honor of King Ramses II. The temple was moved from its original location to its current location to save it from being flooded due to the Aswan High Dam.

Day 7: Aswan: Spend the day exploring the Nubian villages and the Nubian Museum. Marvel at the unique cultural and architectural influence on modern-day Egypt, traceable to the Nubians. Take a sunset Felucca ride, enjoying unspoiled views of Aswan and the Nile.

Day 8: Alexandria: Take a morning train or drive to Alexandria, a Mediterranean city and one of Egypt’s most impressive cities. Take a walk along the Corniche seafront, and visit the stunning

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