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Queen Nefertari’s Tomb at the Valley of the Queens

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The tomb of Queen Nefertari, which can be found in the Valley of the Queens on the west bank of Luxor, is one of Egypt’s most beautiful tombs. This tomb has a lot of “wow” aspects. The degree of detail is incredible, and the colors are more brilliant than any of Egypt’s other tombs, temples, or pyramids. Put the tomb of Queen Nefertari on your list if you want to see what tombs were like 3,000 years ago.

This tomb comes at a high cost: 1400 EGP (about $90 USD as of January 2021). Is it, therefore, worthwhile? YES, we believe so. The tomb of Queen Nefertari is breathtakingly magnificent, and you will all be awestruck as you stroll inside it.
The tomb remained inaccessible to the public unless a 20,000 Egyptian pound special permission was bought for a single visit.
Take a look at our photo tour below to see for yourself.
But first, a bit of background about Queen Nefertari and her tomb.

Interesting facts about Queen Nefertari and her tomb:

Ramesses II’s (also known as Ramesses the Great) first queen and most cherished wife was Queen Nefertari. She not only had one of the most beautiful graves in the Valley of the Kings and Queens, but Ramesses II also built her a temple, the Small Temple at Abu Simbel, to commemorate her.

Nefertari Merytmut is her full name, which means “most lovely, goddess Mut’s favorite.”
Queen Nefertari’s tomb, QV66, is one of the Valley of the Queens’ biggest. It is 520 square meters and is adorned in vibrant Queen Nefertari murals.
Her sarcophagus formerly stood in the center of the chamber, but tomb robbers took it everything, including the concealed riches and Queen Nefertari’s mummy. When the tomb was unearthed in 1904, all that was discovered were Nefertari’s mummified knees. These have now been donated to the Egyptian Museum.

Nefertari is shown in beautifully colorful paintings on the tomb’s walls. These demonstrate her husband’s opinion of her and how much he adored her. The Book of the Dead also has several chapters that are meant to instruct Nefertari on how to turn into a bird in the afterlife.
The tomb has been exposed and closed to the public several times since its discovery in 1904. The murals in Queen Nefertari’s tomb were restored 30 years ago to prevent degradation due to water damage, salt formation, and bacterial development.

To avoid further damage from traffic and the humidity of visitors’ breath, the number of visitors was formerly limited. That is why the large ticket price is so high.

Tomb of Queen Nefertari in Photos:

The regulations for taking photos change regularly. As of January 2021, mobile photography is permitted without the purchase of a camera ticket. Cameras (even DSLRs without a flash), GoPros, and point-and-shoot cameras are not permitted.
Without the use of a flash, all of the images in this post were captured using a cellphone. The photographs do not do the tomb credit since the lights in the tomb produce a yellow haze. We changed the white balance but did not improve the color saturation.

Is it worthwhile to visit Queen Nefertari’s tomb?

Yes, the tomb of Queen Nefertari is worth the high price, in our opinion. With its brilliant colors and intricate artwork, it is Egypt’s most magnificent tomb. The Valley of the Kings contains the tombs of King Seti I and Ramesses V and VI. There is an extra charge for these tombs, which are highly colorful and intricately decorated. The tomb of Queen Nefertari, on the other hand, is by far the greatest tomb from ancient Egypt, and we strongly advise you to see it.

If you’re traveling with children, it’s probably not worth it to pay for them to visit the tomb, depending on their age. There was no concession for children. If they’re old enough to remember, though, it’s better to pay for them because they’ll remember it for the rest of their life.
If you’ve traveled all the way to Egypt, it’s worth it to pay a little additional money to visit one of the country’s most magnificent sights.


The Tomb of Queen Nefertari has an additional fee of 1400 Egyptian pounds.
The entrance fee to the Valley of the Queens is 100 EGP, bringing the total cost to 1500 EGP to view Queen Nefertari’s tomb. However, as part of your admission ticket, you will be able to see three more tombs in the Valley of the Queens.


Winter hours are 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Summer hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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