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Easter Holidays in Egypt

Easter is a much-awaited holiday all over the world, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a significant event in Christianity. Easter Holidays In Egypt, although predominantly a Muslim country, are observed by the Christian community with great enthusiasm. The celebrations, traditions, and customs during this time are unique and showcase the country’s diverse religious heritage.

In Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Christian community, who make up around 10% of the population, celebrate Easter based on the Julian calendar. The week before Easter Sunday is called Holy Week, which is observed with great devotion and reverence by the entire Christian community across the country.

The Holy Week is marked by daily church services, which include the reading of the scriptures and hymns, as well as religious rituals and processions. On Good Friday, some Coptic Christians perform the ‘Wailing of the Sermon’, also known as the ‘Passion Play’, in which they express their deep sorrow and mourn the crucifixion of Christ. They also visit the cemeteries to remember their loved ones who have passed away and light candles or leave flowers as a way of honoring the dead.

Easter Sunday is the most important day of the holiday for Christians in Egypt when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day is marked by a festive church service followed by traditional meals and exchanging Easter greetings. The day is spent with family and friends as Christians come together to share their joy and gratitude.

The Easter holiday is also a time for great food and traditions in Egypt. Just like Christmas, the Egyptians indulge in traditional goodies like Kahk, cookies with nuts and dates filling, Basterma, a spiced, cured meat, and Feteer, a crispy thin layered pastry.

Families prepare elaborate, traditional feasts on Easter day, which often include lamb and other meats, alongside a variety of sides and vegetables. Sweets like basboosa, qatayef filled with cream or nuts, which are sweet pancakes, and puppets, which are sugar-glazed doughnuts, are also consumed during the holiday.

Outside the home, the country’s major cities are alive with festivities and events to cater to the country’s Christians and visitors alike. There are many markets full of Easter-themed celebrations, selling traditional handicrafts and food. Many hotels offer special Easter brunches and dinners, making it a perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends.

In conclusion, Easter in Egypt is a vivid and vibrant time, with the Christian community marking the holiday with devotion and joy. Despite being

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